Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sudden Inspiration

Oh my goodness, this is to die for!

This is the solution to my floral woes!

This was like a lightbulb being turned on. I knew immediately that I wanted to do it when I saw this at work at around 3ish, bought ribbon when I got off work, and a few hours later had 3 ribbon flowers on my living room floor (my sister helped me...a lot!) I think the key is to hit when the motivation strikes!

I attempted this with the widest ribbon I could find at Hobby Lobby as well as some vintage buttons courtesy of my MeeMaw. They turned out! I will be posting tutorials, probably with my sister's camera because every picture I took of me doing this kept turning out overexposed-I even turned the flash off and it still did. Any suggestions from the camera savvy gals out there? I need to hit up some St Louis craft stores, Cape's ribbon selection was dire.

I am going to make 5 bouquets out of these, and I think I can keep costs down by using vintage materials from thrift stores and on-sale ribbon. Plus, my labor is cheap. I'm still in shock this was as successful as it was! I also found some red and aqua Martha Stewart ribbon at Big Lots...if you have one in your area, go, they have a ton of Martha wedding and craft stuff for dirt cheap. The 9 foot rolls of ribbon were $1, and the quality is high. Also I went over to my grandma's last night and she was kind enough to donate some pretty fabric to the cause.

By the way, these are via the lovely and talented Stephanie at Love&Lace. Her blog is amazing. Can you believe she made that bouquet--from scratch--using a set of instructions without pictures. And she says she's not crafty!

Did inspiration ever strike out of the blue?

Monday, September 28, 2009

You are Cordially Invited

I was up in St Louis last weekend, and Ryan and I were out running errands. We dropped his mom off at the doctor's, and while we waited on her we went across the street to kill some time and found a cute stationary store.

We looked through the books of invites, and this was Ryan and I's favorite.

I know it's not the best picture, but the gist is a long vertical piece of paper with lots of white space. I don't know how difficult it is to see, but the envelope it goes in is the size of a normal business envelope, but it opens from the top. I am fascinated by this, I must locate them STAT.

Ryan saw this graphic on another set of invitations. Once again, please excuse my shameful photography skills, but the idea is a roughly drawn set of interlocking wedding bands.

I showed my friend Austin from work these invitations, and he's going to make them for us and try to incorporate the ring graphic! These made all of our paper things fall into place...we can make our programs and menus look just like them, and the directions/accommodations/map/response postcard can all have the same fonts and lots of white space so they'll all pretty much match but not look 100% identical. Austin is so generous to do this for us, and this will allow us to save a ton of money (in the store, this suite would've cost us at least $400).

I am going to cruise the interwebs today for some font ideas...I think I want one sans serif modernish-one and a script font that is easy to read but pretty.

We'll probably print them on white paper with black or charcoal lettering. Hopefully we can print a few lines in red and/or aqua.

Now I just need to find some nice heavy white cardstock and the business-sized envelopes that open from the top. I was also thinking about the map/directions/accommodations/response postcard...I'm worried about them getting stuck down in the envelope and our guests missing them, so I'm thinking a transparent inner envelope. Any other thoughts on how to keep all of that stuff together so nothing gets stuck? I'm not a belly band fan, and I would love to hear what you all think. You all always have such great ideas!

So ladies and gentleman, any tips on where to find a good, heavy white cardstock, or where to find these envelopes? I found some on Paper Source, but I love lots of options.

P.S. Austin and I have worked together since July and we just figured out 2 weeks ago that his grandma is my grandma's sister, making us 3rd cousins. I knew we were related somehow, because we both have last names that are pretty common in this area, I just didn't know we were so closely related! Small world, huh?

Long Distance Suvival Guide

Big thanks to LauraLou, Chocolate Lover, and kmattso2 for their kind remarks about my whining about missing Ryan.

I had no idea there were so many people out there who have done/are doing a long distance relationship. It made me feel so much better, because it's not just me!

So I was thinking about what's made this long distance relationship functional for Ryan and I, but I really want to hear what everyone has to say about what makes a LDR work or what makes it easier, so please leave a comment and let me know, I'm always on the lookout for new tips or ideas!


So far, scheduling times to talk has been really helpful for Ryan and I. That way I can make sure I'm not busy when we talk so I'm not distracted.

Scheduling visits has helped me too, even if they are farther apart than I would like. It gives me something positive to focus on instead of negative things, like the fact that we are long distance!

We e-mail each other lots of random things, and it's always awesome to see an e-mail from him in my inbox.

Right now I'm wanting to plan a camping trip...when I go to see Ryan, his parents are nice enough to have me, and when Ryan visits me here my sister is nice enough to let him stay at our house. I'd like to have some alone time though, and camping would be a cheap way to do that. We also want to take a train to Chicago for a long weekend and look for a suit for Ryan for the wedding, but that probably won't be until after the holidays.

So what works/has worked for you? I can't wait to see what you all say!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Backdrop

Picture locations in St Louis are far superior to those in my hometown. There are so many options!

I need to talk to Ryan about what is on our way and what isn't...he's from St Louis, so he's much, much (much) better about directions than me.

I know that Tower Grove Park is on the way, and it is lovely. Henry Shaw commissioned the park, and it was given to St Louis in 1868. Here's a picture of the ruins (they're not actually ruins, it was just fashionable in the Victorian age).

The entrances to Tower Grove Park are gorgeous, here's Maury gate.

There are also these crazy pavilions that would be good in case of rain, this is the Old Playground Pavilion but there are lots of different ones.


So Tower Grove would be a great place for pictures, I think. The beautiful Forest Park is on the way too, but all of Ryan's friends have had their pictures done there and I want something a little different. Plus, that park gets crowded with brides on Saturdays in wedding season!

I was a theatre geek in high school, and I would love to have a couple of pictures taken outside of the Fox...I'd love to have them taken inside too, but they're picky and expensive so I'm thinking that's not a possibility.

The Kirkwood Train station is right down the street from our church, that might be a possibility.

I think that Union Station is close to our reception venue, and that would be amazing, because it is stunning.

Here's the inside of Union Station....

So I'm thinking that Tower Grove Park is a top contender, and I need to find out more about the Fox and Union Station for inside pictures.

Where are you all having your pictures taken? Are you making sure you have some inside locations available in case of rain?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reception Playlist

So the reception play list has been the project that has been the most worked on lately. I listen to Internet radio at work, and when I hear a song I like I jot it down, and Ryan e-mails me songs he thinks of.

Our play list is all over the board. Ryan suggested this song, which I love!

Another song from a commercial, Let Your Love Flow by Petra Haden.

Ryan picked this one, and I dig!

And I have to have some Patsy...I grew up to the woman, what can I say?

Our play list is fun to put together. Ryan abhors country, but I have to have Brad Paisley's "Then." Have to have it. So baby, I'm asking for 2 country songs...2! If you are reading this studly runner, 2 country songs isn't so much to ask...I'm from Southeast Missouri, I can't stop myself!

Other than the 2 country songs Ryan doesn't care for, I think there's only been a couple of his songs that I didn't care for. And we have drastically different music taste, so that's a pleasant surprise. We need to separate songs into "reception party music" and "laid back during dinner/pre-ceremony music"-right now its all clumped into one big list.

Have you had fun putting your play list together? Do you and your honey have different music tastes?

PS This is my first time embedding videos, so excuse the disorder of this post!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another One

My engagement band is really's between 1.5 and 1 millimeters, and I don't want the wedding band to be wider than my engagement band. That's slightly picky, I know, but I don't want the wedding band to overshadow my engagement ring in any way.

I was thinking something like this.....

I really like how the diamonds aren't the channel setting, they're each set up on their own prongs. But it's $300, and I can think of 1,000 other places to spend that money. My engagement ring is so gorgeous and I love it so much, I feel outrageously selfish in spending that much money on another ring for me. I mean, Ryan's happy with a bamboo ring that cost well under $100. Who am I to demand more money spent on my left hand?

I also saw a ring kind of like this at a jewelry store in town that I liked. This will give you a rough idea, but the ring I saw was much more delicate, had different shapes (I think a rectangle and then a circle) and had lots of smaller diamonds.

The ring in the store was 40% off and it brought it to $200 ish, but I wonder if I'd get tired of it in a few years.

I'm also looking at plain white gold bands, but I can't find any smaller than 2 mm, which is wider than what I want.

I'm going to keep looking, but I don't know if I'm OK with spending more money on my rings.

What does your wedding band look like?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ryan was down for a day and a half this past weekend, and he had his new ring on. Remember the bamboo one I told you about here?

Every time I saw that ring on his hand, I got butterflies in my stomach...I know it's exceptionally lame, but it looked so good on him, and I think it's so cool that he's wearing it now!


What does your significant other do that puts butterflies in your stomach?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So this trend of boudoir pictures has piqued my interest.

I've been doing Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones" and level 2 of "30 Day Shred" every week, and I run 3-5 days a week as well. I watch what I eat, too, to some extent. My body has never looked like this before--I have never in my life been this happy with my stomach! I actually have confidence in my body, and its great.

Which is why I kinda want to do boudoir pictures. Here's a quick explanation of what they are, courtesy of Mrs. Hibiscus.

The pragmatist in me wants to know...what in the world would Ryan do with these? Look at them? Umm....ok. If he was in the military, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I can't see him ever looking at the pictures. I dunno, I would hate to spend the money on them just to give him something he can't really show anyone and doesn't have much use for. I think the cost would add up, too....I'd have to pay the photog, buy outfits, hair and makeup, then put the pictures into a isn't a cheap undertaking.

The jury's still out. If anyone can clue me in on what your fiance thought, if you did them, or what you think he would do with them....if you're worried about keeping it clean (I'm not, but I understand either way), shoot me an e-mail. I've heard some women mention what a confidence booster it was for them, so that's an added bonus. And does anyone have any ideas on how to make it cheaper? I've heard of some ladies who have their friends taken them, or have a budding photog do it also.

So, what's your take on the boudoir picture trend? Lots of questions, sorry to pester you all to death!

P.S., that's Jackie Kennedy's dressing room in the White House. How fun would it be to get dressed in that gorgeous room every morning!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scheduling Dilemmas

Ryan just got his schedule for the month of October. He works 6 days a week all month, which leaves us 4 Saturdays he is off....that means I will see him for 4 days in the entire month of October--if that. He's going be be working 50-60 hours a week and I will barely see him.

4 days. I don't know how I'm going to do this.

And I'm covered in a crappy case of poison ivy that itches like you wouldn't believe.


Long distance sucks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I never thought I would be grateful for conflict.

But every time Ryan and I disagree mightily about something and hurt one another's feelings, the resolution of that conflict makes me so proud.

We talk through things so well. We are both really good about taking time away from the situation to calm down. We e-mail each other when we know that if we spoke, it would be only in anger.

And we walk away from these conflicts with the knowledge of what we need to do to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

It gives me faith that our marriage is going to be a solid one, that conflict will not break us.

You know what struck me the most about a disagreement Ryan and I had last week? At first I was p*ssed, and then I thought out what I needed to say....and then this little voice in me panicked, and said "what if he calls off the wedding? what if he leaves?" But of course he didn't, and we worked it out and now all is well. It's a hint of what I think marriage is, the knowledge that he's not leaving because of a tiff...that's he's going to be there to work through it with me and we're going to come out on the other side of it with an improved knowledge of the other person. I have never felt that before, and it feels amazing. (on a side note, Ryan is very committed, and my moment of panic was 110% me, just a gut reaction I has nothing whatsoever to do with him).


I'm only putting this picture in because it showed up in my Google search for "conflict" and I think that's such a funny saying....hehehehe.....

So how do you and your fiance/partner/significant other/husband/wife handle conflict?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photog Love

My photographer has a new blog! It makes me that much more excited to have her shooting our wedding....her pictures are incredible. They are way too big for me to post here, but if you have a sec go and check them out.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why I Want Engagement Pictures

So I was G-mail chatting with Kim from Gator Bride (her blog is so good!) and I mentioned how good her engagement pictures are. Because they are amazing...I mean, the water ones are so ethereal and gorgeous. You should go check them out! I joked that her and her fiance are ridiculously photogenic, and she asked me if Ryan and I are getting engagement pictures done. So I told her all about the faces Ryan makes in pictures and decided I should show you guys why I need some nice pictures of my man and I. Thanks for the post inspiration Kim!

I mean, look at these faces....

Oh that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Who's that in the background, in the red shirt? Oh yeah, it's my fiance...MAKING A FACE.

Is smiling hard for men or something?

It can't be that hard, because here's a picture of Ryan with Ryan Hall, a super famous and crazy good runner we met in Boston and who was kind enough to take a picture with Ryan...

See that smile? I know he can do it...

Here's us in Boston again, right after we got engaged on the starting line to the Boston Marathon.

How happy does he look! Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is Ryan doesn't like to pose for pictures, and I really want some nice pictures of us without faces made by one know who you are.....

So, I really really really want engagement pictures. I even have tons of fabulous ideas for engagement pictures that are begging to see the light of day. We opted to upgrade our albums with our photog instead of spending the money on an engagement shoot, but I might have figured out a way to get free engagement pictures...I'll keep you posted, and hopefully I can talk Ryan into it.

Did you get engagement pictures taken? Where did you use them? Ryan doesn't want to do them unless we'll actually make use of them in some way.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Centerpiece Expose

So, Alli and I did a quick mock-up of our centerpieces this past weekend. Here's our inspiration:

Here are the branches before being painted. We just cut some off a fallen branch in my parents backyard...high class.

Here's what we came up with after spray painting the branches silver and sticking paper flowers on with glue dots:
A close up:

So I think we need wayyyy more flowers, and the flowers definitely need to be double sided. Also, a flower punch would really make this go faster instead of cutting out however many individual flowers.

Alli and I think that just this on a table is going to look really skimpy, so we're thinking about getting cheap paperbacks and covering them in red and aqua paper, and use them to add height to the table. We also want to look into clear glass votive holders to sprinkle about, and punch out extra flowers to sprinkle on the table. Ryan also suggested using white boxes to add height to teh tables, and he also found some very inexpensive manzanita branches on Ebay, so we might end up buying those.

So, what's your honest opinion? Does this look ridiculous or does it work? Any other ideas?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting it Together

I am so thankful for this engagement. It's giving me lots of time really adjust to not being single anymore-because I was single, for quite some time.

I dated once or twice in high school, and then in college I had lots of guy friends. I was in a sorority, but I was closer friends with the guys in Lambda Chi than my own sorority sisters. Dating was never a priority, I always did my own thing. I was always the single girl.

Ryan has been by far my longest term relationship. By the time I met him, I was totally done dating and had my life as a single woman all figured out. He threw a serious wrench into my plans to say the least!

It's just weird to be more worried about someone else than myself. It's weird to include someone else in my life plans, to change my life plans for someone. It's totally bizarre to think of myself as a mom in the next 5 years (hopefully). For so long it was 100% all about me...not in a selfish way, but just because I had no one else to concern myself with. I think this engagement has been helpful in my transition to being part of a team, and not just on my own. I mean, I'm saving money for pretty much the first time in my life so that when Ryan and I combine finances, I have some kind of savings to bring to the table. 2 years ago, those savings would have been spent at J Crew in a heartbeat!

I don't want this to sound like I am upset I have to change my outlook, because I'm not in the least! I am so thrilled that I get to be with Ryan. It is wonderful to be in a relationship and to not have to do things on my own all the time. I just never dreamed that any of this was in the cards for me, I think. And it's only natural to take some time to get used to a new outlook.

Have you found the engagement period to be helpful in terms of transitioning?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Processional Song Picking Craziness

We had a little too much fun picking processional music!

I really want "Dawn" from Pride and Prejudice for my processional. My mom and my sister Alli aren't sure how I'm going to walk to it, but I love it.

The processional song picking didn't end there, oh no....we started laughing about goofy songs, and here is where the craziness ensued....

I suggested the Jurassic Park theme song...hehehe....when I was away at college, I had a (um, still do) weird fascination with this movie. I can watch it multiple times in a week and I don't get sick of it. I love Dr. Grant! Not in a weird way, he's just great.

So Mary started acting like she was a pterodactyl going down the aisle, complete with sound effects....

We were all dying laughing. Then we pulled up the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker on the computer. When Alli and I were little, we used to dance to this song all. the. time. Our "dance" involved us running around in circles and jumping when the music calls for it. So I had to show Mary how it's done:

Anyway, we all laughed our *sses off and had a total blast. As of right now, I'm walking down to Dawn and the parents and bridesmaid's will probably walk to Canon in D, but it's certainly up for debate.

What's your processional? Did craziness and hilarity ensue in any portion of your wedding planning?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Something Blue

So originally I wanted an aquamarine ring or earrings to wear as my something blue. I have an aquamarine ring I got for Christmas when I was in 5th or 6th grade from my mom. It's a 3 stone ring and the stones have a really pretty color to them, but unfortunately it's set in yellow gold. I'm going to look into getting it resized and dipped in white gold.

New aquamarine rings are way out of my price range...which is like, $50 tops. I'm trying really hard to save money for the wedding, because I am way too good at spending it! I was googling for aqua gemstones and stumbled across Peruvian opal. It's like a milky aqua stone, it's so pretty.

I found these on Etsy.

Here's more Peruvian opal:


So, if the redipping/resizing of my aquamarine ring doesn't work out, I think that Peruvian opal will be a great option! It also comes in a lovely pale pink.

Have any of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen had any experience in re-dipping rings? What are you doing for your something blue?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

After Trying on Over 50 Dresses....

Friday I got off work early and I ordered my dress!

This is the kinda weird part that is somewhat bothering me. When my mom and I got there, this really mean girl I went to high school with is my dress. Well not my dress, but the sample of my dress. She was one of the popular soccer girls, and she was not nice, ever. So she goes 20 minutes into my appointment and buys my dress.

She's also getting married in St Louis, but in April, not July. This is the only time I've seen this girl since high school, and I doubt I'll see her more than once or twice in the next 5 years-if that. It's not like anyone but me and my mom are going to know that we have the same dress. We won't even have the same dress, because I'm having it cut in the satin, and she isn't.

I think it's bothering me so much because here was this girl that in high school was "perfect," wearing a dress that made me feel so beautiful. Old insecurities kicked in, you know? So when they left to look at bridesmaid's dresses, I tried it on for my mom and completely forgot everything about her....because that dress is gorgeous, I love the way it makes me feel, and I can't wait to marry Ryan in it.

Anyway, dress is ordered, half of it is paid for, and I'll see it sometime in February. No more looking at dresses because now I can't change my mind! Friday night there was a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon on and it made me realize what a great price my dress is. I know I'm biased, but I think that mine is much prettier than some of the ones on that show....and $4,000 less!

How far ahead of your wedding did you order your dress? Was it hard to stop looking after you ordered it?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bamboo for my Handsome Man

Look what came in the mail this week!

It's Ryan's bamboo ring we ordered off of Etsy. Here's the Etsy shop-the seller was fabulous. Since my photography skills leave much to be desired, here's the picture from the Etsy seller:

Ryan's ring looks identical to this. He wanted it as a wedding band, but I thought he might want something more durable as well. The bamboo ring was only $65 (plus $3 shipping), and he wants a Tungsten band for when we get married. He's going to start wearing the bamboo ring now.

I won't see him this weekend, so I dropped it in the mail for (insured, of course). He got it yesterday and it fits-and he really likes it. He said it just felt weird on, but I know he'll get used to it. It took me a good week or so to get used to my engagement ring, and now I feel naked without it!

Did you or your fiance make any alternative ring choices? Are any of your grooms wearing rings before the wedding?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost Perfect

Ryan found me the hottest pair of shoes....but they aren't red, and they only come in white, navy, and cranberry. My dress is ivory, so even the white ones wouldn't work, and I have my heart set on red heels.

These are absolutely, 100% perfect...except for the unfortunate color selection, making them more like 85% perfect.

How gorgeous are those! I am no where near brave enough to attempt to dye $150 shoes. I read that you should only try to dye satin shoes if the shoe has no polyester in it, and that 99.9% of satin shoes contain polyester.

Are you dying your shoes? Would you be brave enough to dye these sexy shoes?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martha Shrine

A few days ago I was eating breakfast while re-reading the newest Martha Stewart Weddings. My sister finished eating her breakfast and put Martha's encyclopedia of crafts on our Martha Stewart cake stand....

Sigh. We're not obsessed or anything! Alli and I are considering attempting the silk-screening craft from the Encyclopedia this weekend, but if the supplies are super pricey then we aren't messing with it. We are doing a mock-up of our Martha inspired centerpieces, though. I never thought I was a Martha kind of girl...who knew how simple, tasteful and affordable her DIY stuff is? She's been a big inspiration for the upcoming nuptials.

Do you find yourself turning to Martha or another crafting inspiration on a regular basis?

Urgent Dress Update


I have to order this dress ASAP if I want it. I HATE making decisions under pressure...especially since Ryan wants me to wait at least a few months to order it (he thinks I'm going to change my I've never done something crazy like that before! The man knows me too well...) but I need to order now. I just called the bridal salon and they said since it is being cut particularly for me that I would need to order it now to get it by March. !!!!!

So what do I do? Do I go behind Ryan's back and order it myself and not say anything, or wait and risk losing it, or just tell him to deal with it, and order it?


Have you had to make any high pressure/expensive decisions?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When Ryan and I met with our pastor, we were told that he didn't require any sort of pre-martial counseling.

Ryan was jumping for joy! He's way excited that we don't have to do it (he's obviously not a fan). I feel like we need to do something, though.

I just don't know what. I've been googling for an online kind of deal, but I can't find a thing.

I'm not worried about Ryan and I in the least. We discussed some heavy hitting stuff before we even got engaged--like what lengths we'll go to to have a child if we can't get pregnant, how we plan on handling our finances, etc, (I posted about it a while back here) so I know there aren't any deal breakers out there that we are unaware of! I just feel like we should be doing something structured to prepare ourselves for getting hitched, especially with us doing the long distance relationship thing. I feel like we're focusing more on that than on getting married right now.

What are you doing, pre-marital counseling-wise? Any ideas for an online or by-the-book course?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On My List

My sister Alli and I are itching to do a centerpiece mock-up. We'll probably do it next weekend, since I won't be visiting Ryan (he lives in St Louis, I live in my hometown 2 hours away, and he has to work at a half marathon all weekend so he'll be busy).

This is what we're shooting for:


I've been collecting milk glass vases to hold the branches, and I'm up to about 28, I think. We're shooting for 40, so I'll have no problem getting more by next summer.

I want to give these a shot because if they don't work, then I need to figure out a back-up plan that utilizes the rows of milk-glass vases I have lined up in my basement! I am having a hard time finding branches with a bit of shape to them. A few weeks ago, I found a decent one and stuck it in a vase and it was very blah, so I'm thinking we could spray paint the branches silver to dress them up. I want to punch paper flowers out of pretty patterned paper and hang those in the branches too. Alli mentioned last night that we could sprinkle the paper flowers around the table like oversized confetti, which would be inexpensive and look nice.

I'm thinking about making an oversized napkin to set the vase on. My sister has a love for no-sew glue which would work nicely with such an easy project. I am also considering votive candles, but our decorations budget is pretty much non-existent, so these would have to be very cheap to be a contender.

What are you doing for centerpieces?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Colors

I have a confession to make......I suck at inspiration boards. So I found one that perfectly represents the colors Ryan and I picked out for the wedding--aqua and red!

I couldn't be more excited about this color combo. It was my initial favorite, but Ryan was really unsure. I suggest aqua and emerald, aqua and yellow, aqua and orange....I sense a recurring theme here. Ryan thought about it and decided he liked too, so aqua and red it is!

I'm a big aqua fan, and I love love love the contrast of the red. Plus, it sets me up for some hot red shoes and red nails. We're trying to make aqua the predominant color, so something like 65% aqua and 35% red (I had to bust out the calculator on my computer to figure that out...what can I say, I used to be an English major). The bridesmaids will be wearing aqua (I'm crossing my fingers that J Crew has Tropical Aqua again in the spring) and probably carrying red bouquets or white bouquets with red ribbon.

Since we don't have a theme, other than getting married, these colors are going to be what ties our wedding together. I'm about as indecisive as it gets, and this was a decision I haven't waffled on at all. I knew I wanted it from the get go and I haven't entertained anything else. I have been surprised at how many shades of aqua and red there are...we're having a hard time finding the right shade of aqua (not too blue or too green) and a non-burgundyish red. I had no clue they'd be so tough to match.

What are your wedding colors? Did you have a hard time making up your mind?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wedding Magazines

I have stopped buying wedding magazines.

Why? But they are so much fun, you say! I agree completely. They were fun at first, but I have lost interest.

The weddings in those magazines? Those aren't anything close to the kind of wedding Ryan and I will be having. And their budget articles are normally....out of our budget. Which is silly, because while Ryan and I are having what I would term a "budget" wedding, we are by no means spending no it drives me nuts when the "budget" options they feature are still too expensive!

Anyway, those magazines are expensive, and they give me expensive ideas! They really make me lose perspective of the fact that the amount of money we spend or the decorations we have are totally irrelevant-what's important is Ryan and I's marriage, our joining our lives together forever. So I've stopped buying them, with the exception of Martha Stewart Weddings, because that magazine is packed with practical, easy-to-do, budget friendly projects.

So I'm going to stop wasting $6-10 a pop on these magazines....

And continue spending my money on this quarterly tome...

Do you find wedding magazines useful, and if so, which ones are your favorites? Is it just me or are magazines obscenely expensive?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dress Update

Remember this dress, it kinda makes me look short?

Check this baby out with a pair of 3 inch heels on!

I showed both pictures to a guy at work (I work with 99% guys, and Austin is kind enough to act like he cares!), and he didn't even know it was the same dress!

All that bunching at the bottom makes sense now! It's pleats, who knew!

Here's the view sans heels from the back....bunched up and messy looking, in my humble opinion.

How perfect is this!

Oh my goodness you all, does this dress not look 1000x better?

Well ladies and gents, I am 98% sure this is the dress. Especially since they can make the dress above in the fabric below, for $200 extra, bringing the grand total to $850 without alterations and tax.

The fabric I tried the dress on in was a pearlized taffeta. It was pretty, but this lustrous ivory satin glows.

I need to call the shop and figure out when I need to order it. Ryan, recognizing my total inability to make decisions, wants me to wait a bit. He says I have 11 months to keep looking at wedding dresses and he doesn't want me to change my mind.

But....this one feels like me. It's classic, it's tailored, it has vintage details, it makes my butt look fab, and I feel like me in it...not like a dressed up doll, but like me. So, I think I'm going to order it in the ivory satin. Did I tell you that they'd make the dress just for me-it would be the only one like it in the world. How cool!

I'm putting this pic in the post because my little sister in the back cracks me up. I'm posing, Alli is trying to get a shot of the dress from every conceivable angle, and Mary's making faces in the back. She kills me!

So wonderful readers, opinions, thoughts?

Friday, September 4, 2009


I am ridiculous about the wedding budget! I will ruthlessly slash our budget until we can have a honeymoon. Ryan and I have never taken a big trip where its just us, and neither one of us has had a vacation in years. So if I have to be a stickler about our budget to get a honeymoon, then so be it.

Originally, Ryan and I wanted to do a self-driving tour of Ireland, a la Mrs. Lovebug. Unfortunately, a 7-night tour would cost $1400 just for the car rental and hotels, and we'd still have to pay for airfare, meals, and general spending money. You can check out the site where I got those prices here.

So unless I get a big-*ss raise (haha) or Ryan wins the lottery, then no Ireland for us.


Let's be honest, airfare to anywhere but North and South America is going to be cost-prohibitive, so just cross out pretty much the whole world.

Ryan has always wanted to go to Belize, so I've looked into that a little bit. By a little bit, I mean that I spent maybe 5 minutes researching. I need to do lots more research, but from what I've read, it looks like there are lots of eco-resorts in Belize, and we'd be arriving right in the middle of hurricane season. Yay!

Ryan has expressed an interest in a cruise, but I've been on one and really don't think he would like it. He hates being cooped up and he hates crowds, and cruises involve both of those. I'm more of a city girl, so I think it'd be fun to go to San Francisco or New York or something. I also looked into Montreal, because neither he nor I have ever been to Canada, we could do city stuff for me and wilderness stuff for him, and it feels very European to me but would be pretty budget friendly. I mean, how pretty does it look?

Sigh. So many options! What are you doing for your honeymoon? Got any budget-friendly ideas for me?