Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When Ryan and I met with our pastor, we were told that he didn't require any sort of pre-martial counseling.

Ryan was jumping for joy! He's way excited that we don't have to do it (he's obviously not a fan). I feel like we need to do something, though.

I just don't know what. I've been googling for an online kind of deal, but I can't find a thing.

I'm not worried about Ryan and I in the least. We discussed some heavy hitting stuff before we even got engaged--like what lengths we'll go to to have a child if we can't get pregnant, how we plan on handling our finances, etc, (I posted about it a while back here) so I know there aren't any deal breakers out there that we are unaware of! I just feel like we should be doing something structured to prepare ourselves for getting hitched, especially with us doing the long distance relationship thing. I feel like we're focusing more on that than on getting married right now.

What are you doing, pre-marital counseling-wise? Any ideas for an online or by-the-book course?

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  1. I like this post! Our officiant married both of my fiance's brothers...and he lives 2 1/2 hours away from our venue (plus, we live in VA, and he is in FL) we aren't going to be required to do counseling. But, I really think that you have a good thought in to using a book or online sources to do it yourself! I haven't found any good resources yet, but I know there have to be some out there!


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