Thursday, September 10, 2009

Urgent Dress Update


I have to order this dress ASAP if I want it. I HATE making decisions under pressure...especially since Ryan wants me to wait at least a few months to order it (he thinks I'm going to change my I've never done something crazy like that before! The man knows me too well...) but I need to order now. I just called the bridal salon and they said since it is being cut particularly for me that I would need to order it now to get it by March. !!!!!

So what do I do? Do I go behind Ryan's back and order it myself and not say anything, or wait and risk losing it, or just tell him to deal with it, and order it?


Have you had to make any high pressure/expensive decisions?


  1. I say order it! I'm a March bride and already have my dress- with alterations and such you are going to need to order now regardless. Just tell him (my FI was shocked how early you need to order wedding gowns) and go ahead- it's beautiful and perfect! -Miss Pug

  2. Ok. Breathe. Order it. My wedding is May 2010, I ordered my dress March 2009. You will still love your dress. It's beautiful and so flattering. You've tried on so many already and this seems to be the one that "speaks" to you the most. I know Ryan is just looking out for your best interests, but ultimately this is up to you. Don't go behind his back, tell him you're making this decision on your own and you know it's the right one. The thing is you have got to stop looking at/ trying on dresses. If you order this one, that is it. If you don't think you can do this, don't order it. But I think that a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders if you just bite the bullet and do it. Haha so now that I've written a novel, go get it!


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