Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad Blogger

Bad Blogger indeed. I haven't felt like anything I do is of interest, but then I find everyone ELSE'S blogs interesting. So yeah. Doesn't make a ton of sense.

I'm addicted to Pinterest, are you? Come find me, it'll be fun.

We had Thanksgiving with my family at my aunt's house in St. Louis Thursday morning then dinner at Ryan's Dad's side that evening. We shopped the next morning like it was our job! And I ordered my bridesmaid's dress for my SIL Erin's wedding in July. I'll post when it comes in, sweet sweet J Crew!

I just finished reading this book about women in the ministry (can't find the title, go figure) but it really got me thinking. It's making me think about giving the Disciples of Christ church here in my town another shot, especially since I checked out their website and they welcome everyone, including those of different sexual orientations. I love the Unitarian Universalist church where Ryan and I got married, but its 2 hours away, and the UU fellowship here in town does not feel at all right to me. I'm feeling more and more of a pull to be invested spiritually somewhere that doesn't compromise my beliefs....I'm hoping our DOC church here will work the second go around.

I made Ryan a Christmas stocking:

The pattern threw me for quite the loop. Yay for moms who come over and help you puzzle it out! I'm working on my stocking tonight. And debating on if I should scale the pattern down and make the puppies stockings.

How hilarious is this picture of Ninja? We are throw pillow free by this point.

We got my parents family pictures for Christmas and took them last Saturday. I can't WAIT to see how they turn out! It was my whole family and 4 dogs. Whew.

How was your holiday?