Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On My List

My sister Alli and I are itching to do a centerpiece mock-up. We'll probably do it next weekend, since I won't be visiting Ryan (he lives in St Louis, I live in my hometown 2 hours away, and he has to work at a half marathon all weekend so he'll be busy).

This is what we're shooting for:


I've been collecting milk glass vases to hold the branches, and I'm up to about 28, I think. We're shooting for 40, so I'll have no problem getting more by next summer.

I want to give these a shot because if they don't work, then I need to figure out a back-up plan that utilizes the rows of milk-glass vases I have lined up in my basement! I am having a hard time finding branches with a bit of shape to them. A few weeks ago, I found a decent one and stuck it in a vase and it was very blah, so I'm thinking we could spray paint the branches silver to dress them up. I want to punch paper flowers out of pretty patterned paper and hang those in the branches too. Alli mentioned last night that we could sprinkle the paper flowers around the table like oversized confetti, which would be inexpensive and look nice.

I'm thinking about making an oversized napkin to set the vase on. My sister has a love for no-sew glue which would work nicely with such an easy project. I am also considering votive candles, but our decorations budget is pretty much non-existent, so these would have to be very cheap to be a contender.

What are you doing for centerpieces?


  1. I really love this idea! It reminds me of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangements, which I'm OBSESSED with right now! I love the balance of the grace and the structure, with a little whimsy twist.

    Google "Ikebana" and you'll see what I mean...

    Do it now! Go! Shoo!

  2. I love the flower idea on the branches. I cant wait to see a mock-up. I was thinking of a DIY thing with blue glass beads in a glass vase but then we got to thinking of adding yellow to our teal blue and then I thought of lemons in the vases!! I will probably have a florist do all this not very crafty! Again I cant wait to see these! I love the inspiration photo. Good luck.


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