Monday, September 28, 2009

You are Cordially Invited

I was up in St Louis last weekend, and Ryan and I were out running errands. We dropped his mom off at the doctor's, and while we waited on her we went across the street to kill some time and found a cute stationary store.

We looked through the books of invites, and this was Ryan and I's favorite.

I know it's not the best picture, but the gist is a long vertical piece of paper with lots of white space. I don't know how difficult it is to see, but the envelope it goes in is the size of a normal business envelope, but it opens from the top. I am fascinated by this, I must locate them STAT.

Ryan saw this graphic on another set of invitations. Once again, please excuse my shameful photography skills, but the idea is a roughly drawn set of interlocking wedding bands.

I showed my friend Austin from work these invitations, and he's going to make them for us and try to incorporate the ring graphic! These made all of our paper things fall into place...we can make our programs and menus look just like them, and the directions/accommodations/map/response postcard can all have the same fonts and lots of white space so they'll all pretty much match but not look 100% identical. Austin is so generous to do this for us, and this will allow us to save a ton of money (in the store, this suite would've cost us at least $400).

I am going to cruise the interwebs today for some font ideas...I think I want one sans serif modernish-one and a script font that is easy to read but pretty.

We'll probably print them on white paper with black or charcoal lettering. Hopefully we can print a few lines in red and/or aqua.

Now I just need to find some nice heavy white cardstock and the business-sized envelopes that open from the top. I was also thinking about the map/directions/accommodations/response postcard...I'm worried about them getting stuck down in the envelope and our guests missing them, so I'm thinking a transparent inner envelope. Any other thoughts on how to keep all of that stuff together so nothing gets stuck? I'm not a belly band fan, and I would love to hear what you all think. You all always have such great ideas!

So ladies and gentleman, any tips on where to find a good, heavy white cardstock, or where to find these envelopes? I found some on Paper Source, but I love lots of options.

P.S. Austin and I have worked together since July and we just figured out 2 weeks ago that his grandma is my grandma's sister, making us 3rd cousins. I knew we were related somehow, because we both have last names that are pretty common in this area, I just didn't know we were so closely related! Small world, huh?


  1. There's a website called and that's where I got some of my heavier paper. I've just ordered more to do thank you cards and note cards with and I LOVE the paper...and the prices are good, I think. Check them out...

  2. what if you made it so all the other inserts were the same length. You could combine the reception info and the response on the same card if you could find a way to perforate it, so the response card could be torn off.

    Those envelopes are really neat though!! I'd just get busy googling.


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