Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So this trend of boudoir pictures has piqued my interest.

I've been doing Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones" and level 2 of "30 Day Shred" every week, and I run 3-5 days a week as well. I watch what I eat, too, to some extent. My body has never looked like this before--I have never in my life been this happy with my stomach! I actually have confidence in my body, and its great.

Which is why I kinda want to do boudoir pictures. Here's a quick explanation of what they are, courtesy of Mrs. Hibiscus.

The pragmatist in me wants to know...what in the world would Ryan do with these? Look at them? Umm....ok. If he was in the military, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I can't see him ever looking at the pictures. I dunno, I would hate to spend the money on them just to give him something he can't really show anyone and doesn't have much use for. I think the cost would add up, too....I'd have to pay the photog, buy outfits, hair and makeup, then put the pictures into a isn't a cheap undertaking.

The jury's still out. If anyone can clue me in on what your fiance thought, if you did them, or what you think he would do with them....if you're worried about keeping it clean (I'm not, but I understand either way), shoot me an e-mail. I've heard some women mention what a confidence booster it was for them, so that's an added bonus. And does anyone have any ideas on how to make it cheaper? I've heard of some ladies who have their friends taken them, or have a budding photog do it also.

So, what's your take on the boudoir picture trend? Lots of questions, sorry to pester you all to death!

P.S., that's Jackie Kennedy's dressing room in the White House. How fun would it be to get dressed in that gorgeous room every morning!


  1. I'm struggling with that one, too. I don't know if I could justify the cost if my hubby didn't travel a lot or wasn't deployed. On the other hand, I think b-sessions are racy and sexy and probably a lot of fun, especially if you're confident with yourself! Good luck :)

  2. I actually have mine schedule for this October (which reminds me... no more pizza and I need to head to the gym!). Alot of photographers do things like Boudoir weekends (mine is called a Rockstar Boudoir session) which makes it cheaper. My friend did some for her husband and they turned out very tasteful. i think it would be great to hang a good one in your bedroom over your mans dresser (what I'm thinking of doing for Mr. Knight). Kyle already knows I'm doing this session. He will just have to wait 6 months to see them on our wedding day.

    here is a link to a blog post I did on Boudoir sessions:

  3. I'm thinking about doing this too, just because I've been getting into shape and it's almost just as much for me! If I do I would make them into a little black book, and then I don't really know what would come of them.

  4. I had b-pics done as an engagement gift to my fiance. He loved them. I had full printing rights to them, so I had a little album made for him that has a black cover. He keeps it tucked away in in dresser somewhere, but he loves the idea that they exist.

    I definitely encourage it, as it is a liberating feeling to have them done. If you need recommendations for who some great b-pic photogs are in the area, let me know.


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