Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The State of Things

Making:  No sewing or crocheting projects in progress right now.  On my mind is a full high-waisted skirt in a black and white stripe, making the throw I bought fabric for in Colorado last summer and crocheting a blanket.
Cooking:  Hopefully pizza later this week!  Chicken, quinoa and snow peas last night.
Drinking:  My 4th bottle of water today.
Reading:  About to start Cuckoo's Calling.
Wanting:  Iced tea.
Looking:  Out my sunny window at the tree in this wind!
Playing: Pandora shuffle in the background.
Wasting:  Too much time on Facebook.  It is SUCH a black hole.
Wishing:  That I was running right now.
Enjoying:  Working on my sister's new house.  Picking staples out of floors and painting trim is so much fun with her.
Waiting:  To get this presentation tonight at 5:45 OVER with.
Liking:  The way the next couple of weekends are sounding.  Lots of fun is ahead.
Wondering:  If I can get as serious about eating well and exercising consistently as I want to be.
Loving:  My life.
Hoping:  That my little sister does well at her conference track meet this weekend.
Marveling:  That I get to have my life.
Needing:  A date night.  Getting dressed up, appetizer and drink.  Conversation that isn't about work.  No phones in sight.  Leisurely dessert.
Smelling:  Nothing.
Wearing:  Yellow pencil skirt, polka dot button down, nude flats.
Following:  Too many social media strategy sites.  Info overload, everyday.  If I read one more article about Facebook's "reachpocalypse" I might puke.
Noticing:  Babies and pregnant women.  Everywhere.
Knowing: Not much, haha!
Thinking:  About the presentation I am giving tonight.
Feeling:  A little restless.  But Spring does that to me.
Bookmarking:  All of the things, as usual.
Opening:  A birth announcement from some friends last night!
Giggling:  Over Harry Potter memes on Pinterest.

How about yourself?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Gibson Tuck + Boston Marathon

I have a Pinterest board full of hair-dos and can actually make my hair do maybe 1....but now 2, because after numerous failed attempts, I have mastered the "Gibson Tuck", at least for today:

I always got stuck where you roll the hair into the space you made when you tuck your ponytail under, but turns out that cramming your hair in a hurry to get to work and pinning it there works too.  

Did you watch the Boston Marathon this morning?  The stories about the survivors of last year's bombings and how they're doing a year later make me cry every time.  Shalane Flanagan ran a HELL of a race and I'd love to see her win someday.  I get misty eyed watching the runners line up on the start line....5 years ago today Ryan asked me to marry him at that same spot.  

Shallow hair nonsense and the Boston Marathon, how's that for a wacky combo?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of Town

Sh*t that I do when Ryan is out of town for work at a track meet:

Eat cashews, hard boiled eggs and strawberries for dinner.

Sew for hours.

Let the dogs sleep with me; one always curls up around my middle and the other keeps my feet warm.  It's a good system.

Watch Girl Code in bed with said snuggly dogs.

Clean the house...and it stays clean.

Pinterest like I get paid to do it.

Meal plan.

Wonder why the Easter candy is disappearing at a steady rate, as I previously believed Ryan was the only one eating it.

It's been awhile!  How's your spring treating you?  Any big Easter plans?  I'm hosting a brunch for my family and I'm making this asparagus egg bake (and adding bacon), this cinnamon pull apart bread but with cream cheese icing, a strawberry spinach salad with poppy seed dressing and blueberry muffins.  My mom is bringing hashbrown casserole and Grandma is bringing deviled eggs and fruit salad.  Lots of goodness.

Gratuitous picture of tulips at the Farmer's Market that just opened for the season this week