Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Colors

I have a confession to make......I suck at inspiration boards. So I found one that perfectly represents the colors Ryan and I picked out for the wedding--aqua and red!

I couldn't be more excited about this color combo. It was my initial favorite, but Ryan was really unsure. I suggest aqua and emerald, aqua and yellow, aqua and orange....I sense a recurring theme here. Ryan thought about it and decided he liked too, so aqua and red it is!

I'm a big aqua fan, and I love love love the contrast of the red. Plus, it sets me up for some hot red shoes and red nails. We're trying to make aqua the predominant color, so something like 65% aqua and 35% red (I had to bust out the calculator on my computer to figure that out...what can I say, I used to be an English major). The bridesmaids will be wearing aqua (I'm crossing my fingers that J Crew has Tropical Aqua again in the spring) and probably carrying red bouquets or white bouquets with red ribbon.

Since we don't have a theme, other than getting married, these colors are going to be what ties our wedding together. I'm about as indecisive as it gets, and this was a decision I haven't waffled on at all. I knew I wanted it from the get go and I haven't entertained anything else. I have been surprised at how many shades of aqua and red there are...we're having a hard time finding the right shade of aqua (not too blue or too green) and a non-burgundyish red. I had no clue they'd be so tough to match.

What are your wedding colors? Did you have a hard time making up your mind?


  1. I've always loved this color combination! I'm glad you're using it. I love the line: "Since we don't have a theme, other than getting married" - So many people forget that part!

  2. This is such a sassy color combo! I like that it is a bit unexpected...those aren't two colors that people normally think to put together, but they work so well!

  3. I always drool when I see that color combination featured in magazines and such - it's going to be lovely!

  4. Oooh, I love aqua and red! Those dresses are smokin'.

  5. That's one of my FAVE color combos!!!!!! I would do bouquets with white in them AND red... or just smaller red ones. LOVE the red anemone!!! -Miss Pug

  6. I had no doubt I wanted red and pink at my wedding. When you know- you know. It's a girl thing I suppose. Love your blog Stacy!
    -your cousin emily


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