Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martha Shrine

A few days ago I was eating breakfast while re-reading the newest Martha Stewart Weddings. My sister finished eating her breakfast and put Martha's encyclopedia of crafts on our Martha Stewart cake stand....

Sigh. We're not obsessed or anything! Alli and I are considering attempting the silk-screening craft from the Encyclopedia this weekend, but if the supplies are super pricey then we aren't messing with it. We are doing a mock-up of our Martha inspired centerpieces, though. I never thought I was a Martha kind of girl...who knew how simple, tasteful and affordable her DIY stuff is? She's been a big inspiration for the upcoming nuptials.

Do you find yourself turning to Martha or another crafting inspiration on a regular basis?

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  1. I never thought I was either! I was so surprised by how beautiful (yet inexpensive) her projects are!


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