Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Backdrop

Picture locations in St Louis are far superior to those in my hometown. There are so many options!

I need to talk to Ryan about what is on our way and what isn't...he's from St Louis, so he's much, much (much) better about directions than me.

I know that Tower Grove Park is on the way, and it is lovely. Henry Shaw commissioned the park, and it was given to St Louis in 1868. Here's a picture of the ruins (they're not actually ruins, it was just fashionable in the Victorian age).

The entrances to Tower Grove Park are gorgeous, here's Maury gate.

There are also these crazy pavilions that would be good in case of rain, this is the Old Playground Pavilion but there are lots of different ones.


So Tower Grove would be a great place for pictures, I think. The beautiful Forest Park is on the way too, but all of Ryan's friends have had their pictures done there and I want something a little different. Plus, that park gets crowded with brides on Saturdays in wedding season!

I was a theatre geek in high school, and I would love to have a couple of pictures taken outside of the Fox...I'd love to have them taken inside too, but they're picky and expensive so I'm thinking that's not a possibility.

The Kirkwood Train station is right down the street from our church, that might be a possibility.

I think that Union Station is close to our reception venue, and that would be amazing, because it is stunning.

Here's the inside of Union Station....

So I'm thinking that Tower Grove Park is a top contender, and I need to find out more about the Fox and Union Station for inside pictures.

Where are you all having your pictures taken? Are you making sure you have some inside locations available in case of rain?


  1. Not sure when your wedding is, but if it's during the high months, you'll have to fight for spots in Tower Grove (just wanted to give you a heads up). Forest Park is the same way.

    Maybe try downtown Kirkwood (since it's by your church), Citygarden, and even though it may be crowded, The Muny is a great spot to go if it rains. Union Station shouldn't be an issue, but I'd still check, as some people do have their wedding/receptions in there.

  2. Hi!! So nice to find another blogger in St. Louis. And one that runs and is planning a wedding!! So fun. I absolutely adore Tower Grove Park, it's very beautiful. Forest Park (the Jewell Box, the Boat House and the Art Museum) are all cool too. Also, check out Laumeier Sculpture Park (Lindberg and 44) - tons of trees/wooded areas, picnic areas and cool sculptures to have in pictures.

    Engagment pictures are so much fun. I can't wait to see them!!


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