Friday, September 18, 2009

Why I Want Engagement Pictures

So I was G-mail chatting with Kim from Gator Bride (her blog is so good!) and I mentioned how good her engagement pictures are. Because they are amazing...I mean, the water ones are so ethereal and gorgeous. You should go check them out! I joked that her and her fiance are ridiculously photogenic, and she asked me if Ryan and I are getting engagement pictures done. So I told her all about the faces Ryan makes in pictures and decided I should show you guys why I need some nice pictures of my man and I. Thanks for the post inspiration Kim!

I mean, look at these faces....

Oh that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Who's that in the background, in the red shirt? Oh yeah, it's my fiance...MAKING A FACE.

Is smiling hard for men or something?

It can't be that hard, because here's a picture of Ryan with Ryan Hall, a super famous and crazy good runner we met in Boston and who was kind enough to take a picture with Ryan...

See that smile? I know he can do it...

Here's us in Boston again, right after we got engaged on the starting line to the Boston Marathon.

How happy does he look! Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is Ryan doesn't like to pose for pictures, and I really want some nice pictures of us without faces made by one know who you are.....

So, I really really really want engagement pictures. I even have tons of fabulous ideas for engagement pictures that are begging to see the light of day. We opted to upgrade our albums with our photog instead of spending the money on an engagement shoot, but I might have figured out a way to get free engagement pictures...I'll keep you posted, and hopefully I can talk Ryan into it.

Did you get engagement pictures taken? Where did you use them? Ryan doesn't want to do them unless we'll actually make use of them in some way.


  1. Mr Pug hates getting his picture taken and is REALLY picky about them, so he liked a few out of the HUNDREDS we took... totally worth it to me. We used them for our StDs and we'll probably frame some. People also sometimes make a book of the pictures to use as a guestbook, and also some use them as table numbers (using photoshop to superimpose a number then putting it in a frame) I like all the ideas!!
    -Miss Pug

  2. You definitely should get e-pics taken! My fiance has a hard time making good faces in pictures (not that he isn't attractive or anything of course), so I feel your pain! I went for a photojournalist photographer, and he is fabulous...and the advantage with that was that we weren't posing AT ALL for our everything turned out really natural, and my fiance was incredibly comfortable and not worrying if his face looked right. Here is my blog post about my pics...there are links to our photog's blog where you can see images from our session!

  3. Definitely get them taken! We got ours done a couple weeks ago (pro pics coming soon I hope) and it was a great chance to get comfortable with our photographer. Your post about your FI's funny faces made me think of a blog I just found. You've got to read it.

    It's totally worth it to go back through all of her posts. Hilarious!!

    Also, the ties from the Tie Bar are really nice! I definitely recommend them. Plus they have so many color choices!


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