Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dress Update

Remember this dress, it kinda makes me look short?

Check this baby out with a pair of 3 inch heels on!

I showed both pictures to a guy at work (I work with 99% guys, and Austin is kind enough to act like he cares!), and he didn't even know it was the same dress!

All that bunching at the bottom makes sense now! It's pleats, who knew!

Here's the view sans heels from the back....bunched up and messy looking, in my humble opinion.

How perfect is this!

Oh my goodness you all, does this dress not look 1000x better?

Well ladies and gents, I am 98% sure this is the dress. Especially since they can make the dress above in the fabric below, for $200 extra, bringing the grand total to $850 without alterations and tax.

The fabric I tried the dress on in was a pearlized taffeta. It was pretty, but this lustrous ivory satin glows.

I need to call the shop and figure out when I need to order it. Ryan, recognizing my total inability to make decisions, wants me to wait a bit. He says I have 11 months to keep looking at wedding dresses and he doesn't want me to change my mind.

But....this one feels like me. It's classic, it's tailored, it has vintage details, it makes my butt look fab, and I feel like me in it...not like a dressed up doll, but like me. So, I think I'm going to order it in the ivory satin. Did I tell you that they'd make the dress just for me-it would be the only one like it in the world. How cool!

I'm putting this pic in the post because my little sister in the back cracks me up. I'm posing, Alli is trying to get a shot of the dress from every conceivable angle, and Mary's making faces in the back. She kills me!

So wonderful readers, opinions, thoughts?


  1. AMAZING!!!!!!! Get it now! Don't wait, you won't change your mind. I ordered my dress over a year in advance and as long as you stop looking at dresses, you'll still love it on your wedding day. You look so fabulous!

  2. Of COURSE I like it! No...I LOOOVE IT haha is that better? And I think the change in fabrice will look awesome :)

  3. It looks like it was made for you!! And- I guess it will be, LOL! YOu have to get this!!!!!! Bravo, great choice! -Miss Pug

  4. That's insane that a pair of heels can make THAT much of a difference! Rock that dress, girl!

  5. you are ab fab Stacy! Love love loves the dress! em keb

  6. WOW!! This is def a beautiful dress in a whole new light with the heels! I love it! Hi to your little sister! :)

  7. Marisa makes a similar dress that doesn't have pick-ups, which was a top one on my list.

    Dress looks great! I just ordered mine two weeks ago, which I'm very excited about.

  8. Ok this must have been either before I was a follower or my head was in the clouds! Beautiful!


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