Thursday, January 28, 2010


If I could do this blog thing all over again (and I very might after the nuptials), I would blog anonymously.

There is stuff I do not get into on this blog, because I have family members who occasionally stop by this little corner of the Internet. If I blogged anonymously, I would get into it. I don't know if that's a good thing - me unloading isn't pretty - but there is stuff I leave out and subjects I avoid.

I still have a (mostly) accurate journal of my wedding planning with this blog, and the friendships I have made with you wonderful readers are invaluable to me. I have no idea if those friendships would be any less/more if I blogged under a pseudonym (I cannot believe I spelled that right the first time!). I haven't spent much time considering the ethics of blogging under a pseudonym, but I don't see much wrong with it (unless you're using anonymity to really hurt someone). Maybe I need to think about it more.

This is really more of a think-it-through-as-I-type-it-out post, I suppose, but I'd love to know what you think, because I know there are some anonymous bloggers out there. So tell me, do you blog publicly or privately? Have you had to hold back on your blog? Are you glad you blog anonymously?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just read this really good article on long distance relationships, it's definitely worth checking out. I am really interested in the 3 stages of a long distance relationship on page 4-"protest, depression, detachment." I'm definitely in the depression stage, meaning I'm sad that Ryan isn't here and I get excited like a 5 year old about seeing him on the weekends.

What do you think of the article?

Under Construction

The bouquets have been really simple to put together! I picked up these not-especially-attractive bouquet holders from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a piece. I went with the smallest size they had for the bridesmaid's bouquets, and the holder we're using for my bouquet is just a bit larger.

First I cut down the tulle. It was too much, so I trimmed about an inch off. I am not crazy about the fringe of material, but you can hardly see it when the bouquet is done.

Then I cut off the frou-frou plastic thing, because I want as little of these holders showing as possible.

Then you stick the flowers in! I doubled up the stems because they were way too long.

Not a particularly scientific process. Here are the ones we have done so far:

4 down, 2 to go! My bouquet is on the far left.

Next, we need feathers to hide the bouquet holder, and then the stems need to be wrapped in floral tape and then ribbon. So they are 95% done! These have turned out so much better than I ever thought they would, I am so proud of them. I tried to make these with cotton for the flowers, but dressier materials such as satin just look so much better, in my opinion. These would be gorgeous in velvet for a winter wedding, I think!

What DIY project are you most proud of?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tutorial: Satin Flowers How-To

So the 2 flower tutorials I've done before are on the misleading side...because I haven't used either one of the those flowers in the bouquets I've been putting together. They just weren't matching up to the image I had in my head, so I played around with them and came up with these. Here is how to make the flowers I've been using in my satin flower bouquets.

Cut a piece of material, a rectangle. Look how crooked mine is--cutting a straight line is not a prerequisite, trust me! The fatter your material, the wider your flower will be. The longer your material, the tighter wound it will be. Mine is about 2.5 inches wide and 7 inches long, give or take.

Fold the material in half lengthwise, so you have a long rectangle. Fold the wrong sides of the fabric together so the right sides of your fabric are on the outside.

Thread your needle with coordinating thread, and knot it at the end. Pull your needle and thread up and through both layers of fabric. Sew long stitches all along the top of the rectangle, with the folded edge at the bottom. You want to sew the 2 frayed edges together, so you should be sewing closest to the frayed edges.

Take big stitches. Mine are at least 3/4 of an inch. If you sew little stitches your fabric is going to be way too gathered. You only want a loose gather, so take big honking stitches.

When you get to the end of the line, cut your thread, leaving about 2 inches to give you something to work with. Do not knot your thread or anything, it's supposed to be unsecured.

Gently pull on the loose thread you just cut to loosely gather your material. I found, through lots of trail and error (mostly error) that a really loose gather works the best and gives the best shape for the flowers.

Once you have the fabric gathered to your liking, start to loosely roll the fabric. I always try to keep the frayed edges even with each other when I'm rolling the material, to keep the flower consistent.

After you roll up your loosely gather rectangle, you should have something like this. This process is not even remotely scientific...if you used a bigger piece of material or gathered the material more tightly it will look a little different, but this is the basic idea.

Before I start gathering the material, I thread my needle and knot my thread so I'm ready for this step. I gather the flower at the bottom and sew through the layers of material at the bottom to secure the material. This part doesn't show in my bouquet, so I'm usually messy about it. I also fold down the fraying edges in the center of the flower and on the edge and sew them down, so I don't have any frayed edges poking up.

I've been using normal floral stems from Hobby Lobby, in the heaviest gauge they have. I fold it over and a bit and sew it on to the flower like this:

Ta da!

Tomorrow I'll show you how I've been constructing the bouquets using these flowers.

If any part of this is unclear, or if you have any questions at all, please let me know, I'm happy to help! This is really such an easy project, and it is so forgiving of mistakes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrift Store Finds: Wedding Edition

I want to thank everyone for your wonderfully kind comments about my dress. The fit threw me off big time, and I'm going to go ahead and get alterations done now, just for peace of mind. Thank you a million times for making me feel so much better about it!

Friday I had to get my oil change and my tires rotated. Woohoo, super exciting! Not really, but there is a great thrift store right behind the oil change place. So I dropped my car off and headed over to see what they had.

There was an entire box of aisle decorations.

A pile of wedding dress sewing patterns.

Ryan and I got a lot of our milk glass here. We're done shopping for it, but how amazing would these look for a grass green wedding (maybe with some white flowers in them)? Miss Pugs and Em, I'm looking at you! I will go and buy these for you and ship them to you. They cost under a dollar a piece!

And the best find of the day, a record of organ wedding music. Hell yes!

I ended up buying some material for my mom (she makes blankets out of vintage double knit material), a record for a friend and 2 sewing patterns for myself (one of a ruffled wrap dress and another with a cute skirt). Grand total was $3.75. I love thrift stores. And with me working reduced hours at work, it's the only shopping I am doing right now!

Have you been to a thrift store lately? Did you find anything good?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Big Reveal

I picked up my dress! It was the first time I had seen it in the satin (I tried it on in a pearlized taffeta, and the store was kind enough to order the dress for me in an ivory satin instead), and I was nervous about how the different fabric would translate.

(I would like to preface this statement by letting you know how completely irrational this is:) I had totally convinced myself that this dress was not going to fit me. I was positive it would way, way too small and I would be totally humiliated. The dress actually turned out to be way too big! Which is really throwing me off by the way. But you be the judge:

Please excuse the lighting!

With the flowers I made:

And with the shoes:

Before I ask you what you think, keep in mind that this dress needs alterations. A hem is crucial (even with the shoes we're going to take about and inch and a half off, I'm petite!), the bust doesn't fit all, the straps are too long and there is an extra inch of fabric around my hips. I know I haven't lost any weight since I ordered this dress in September, so I guess the fabric switch explains it! I was so convinced it would be too small that I'm really shocked at how it fits. The bridal salon people told me to wait until at least May to start the alterations process, but patience is not a virtue I possess and I want to start now, to assuage my fears. Because, true to my endlessly indecisive nature, I still don't know if I made the right choice. I think that getting the dress fit to my body is going to make me feel better about my decision. My weight stays within a 3 pound range and has for over a year now, and I don't plan on losing any weight anyway, so I think I'd be safe getting it altered now.

So, what do you think? Is the satin too much? Has your dress come in yet? Do you suffer with constant indecision? Did you question your decision like I am?

Friday, January 22, 2010


I don't think I mentioned that I just asked my friend Melissa a few days ago to be a bridesmaid, but I did and I am super excited!

--Attention lovely ladies who are standing up with me July 24th: This post discusses what I am thinking about giving you as a gift. If you like surprises then I would suggest stopping now. Melissa and Alli, this is not news to you, so disregard.--

I now have 5 bridesmaids gifts to get together, but I think I have some ideas that will do nicely. Remember for Christmas my mom gave me that One Yard Wonders sewing book? In the book there are directions to make cloth tote bags that are nicely lined and have a pocket. There are also directions to make these really cute envelope pouches (literally like a cloth padded envelope with a button or a ribbon to close it). I thought that making each girl a bag and a pouch would be great for bridesmaid's gifts. I want to make each girl a bag and a pouch and have the bag and pouch coordinate, but get everyone a different pattern/color scheme. I'm also thinking (depending on the fabric) about embroidering their initial on the bag.

Have you seen how cute fabric is nowadays?

It's an Alexander Henry print from his Lorenza collection, and it's $8.95 a yard. A bit high, but I don't need much yardage for these projects, 1.75 yards max (I am way, way overestimating) per set of pouch and bag.

I should probably save that fabric for baby gifts, but I love it.

My sister Alli is loving that coral color right now, this would be great for her.

Melissa is getting married in November, and her colors are sage green, chocolate brown and champagne. I thought it'd be cute to make her stuff in her wedding colors and then she could use the bag to carry essentials on her wedding day (by her carry I mean me, I am there to help!). She has more traditional tastes than I do, and this is awfully mod, so I need to keep looking.

I LOVE this print, I just don't know who for....

So many options, ahhh!

For Melissa, I know what colors I'm looking for. For my sister Alli, I'd like to find a really modern print with apples on it (she loves apples and they're kind of Orla Kiely-esque). If not, something in a coral color. She likes the really modern graphic stuff like I do. For my sister Mary....something with donuts on it would be funny (that girl really, really loves her donuts) but I don't want it to look kitchsy. I'll need Alli's help on that one. But for Ryan's sisters, Erin and Kate, I am drawing a blank. I don't know them well enough yet to know what colors or prints they'd like.

So what do you all think? Would tote bags with a matching/coordinating make-up bag/camera case/pouch for whatever be too Holly Hobby/Susie Homemade/Cheap? Be honest! I know that I would LOVE something like this (I hoard canvas bags, because I use them for everything, groceries, trips to the library, lunch bags, etc.) and I love to have little pouches to organize things in my purse. But while I appreciate a homemade gift, not everyone does, and I get that. Any ideas on fabric for his sisters? What are you doing for you attendants gifts?

I just finished reading.....

In the Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom by Qanta Ahmed.

It is obvious that the author is a medical doctor and not a writer. That being said, I learned quite a bit about Saudi Arabia and the Islamic faith, so the book was certainly not a waste of time. It's the story of a woman who lives and works as an M.D. in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. The book is not organized very well, and the author definitely displayed some bias in different areas. I was left wondering why she voluntarily signed on to work in Saudi Arabia if she didn't like the way they treated women. She participated in Hajj, the Islamic practice of making a pilgrimage to Mecca, which was really interesting. She discussed the religious police, the Muttawa, and how women work in such a segregated country where they must be fully veiled in public and are not allowed to drive. She was in Saudi Arabia when during 9/11, and the reactions she saw to the attacks by her co-workers were shocking.

It was a very educational read. I learned so much about Islam. I live south of St. Louis in the Midwest, and I don't have any acquaintances that are Jewish or Islamic, so it's good for me to read about different faiths as much as possible. We've got evangelical Christians busting out of our ears down here, but there is very, very little religious diversity.

It was worth reading, but I could've learned what I did elsewhere. I won't read it again.

What are you reading right now?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Watch This

I found this video on The Frisky, and trust me, you really need to watch it. It's called "OMG, Is This What Women Women Sound like on Wedding Message Boards?" and it's a woman who re-enacts a conversation among several different women. It's genius. Here's the link. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Here!


I'm going to get it Saturday.

It won't be steamed but who cares...not me.


(And I'm not one for many exclamation points)

New Search

I want my bridesmaids to have a choice in their dresses. I genuinely want them to wear the dresses again, and I think that is much more likely if they are given a variety of dresses to choose from. The original plan was to pick a color and let the ladies decide which style they would like. J Crew was going to be my solution to this, but they are only offering the color that works with the wedding colors in 4 dress styles....and the dress styles are really, really similar. See what I mean?

It's basically the exact same silhouette, over and over again. Plus, all of the dresses are over $200. I am not going to ask these girls to spend $200 on a dress when they have such a limited selection.

So I'm on the hunt for bridesmaid's dresses that don't look like bridesmaid's dresses....and I'm thinking red. One of my maid's of honor bought an aqua dress on sale, and my other maid of honor is going to buy a J Crew dress (there's one she really likes, and my mom is paying, so it isn't coming out of her 17 year old pockets, which I would feel awful about). I think that having the maids of honor in aqua and the bridesmaids in red will look really good and be a good way to set apart the maids of honor.

I'm really wanting to keep the dresses under $ I'm appealing to you lovely ladies (and gent/s?). Where should I look for affordable red dresses with a decent variety of styles? I've looked at David's Bridal, but they don't have many options in short dresses (though it would work as a last resort).

So any suggestions? And are you setting your maid(s) of honor apart in any way?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Art of Registering

My Aunt Teresa is very, very generously throwing my cousin Ellie and I a joint bridal shower in February, as Ellie and I are both getting married this summer. Ryan and I weren't planning on registering for a while, since we didn't want to worry about seasonal items disappearing, but with this shower coming up we really needed to.

So, we decided on Macy's and Target and headed out Friday night as soon as I got in to St. Louis to register for enough items for the shower, with the game plan to add more stuff to the registry when the wedding gets a little closer.

Note to everyone: Never let your fiance enter in the registry information while you wander around the "dollar spot." Just don't do it, especially if your partner can keep a completely straight face while misbehaving.

Ryan started the registry at the little kiosk. You had to enter a ton of really repetitive information and the keyboard sucked, so it was taking awhile. We entered in shipping addresses, his info, my info, etc., and I hit enter on the touch screen to complete the registry. Right as I hit enter, Ryan gets all mad and says I "hit enter too soon, I needed to change something." I looked at him and said, "what do you need to change?" and he just said to "read the sheet, you'll see it." I picked up the sheet that had printed out with our registry info and immediately that he had registered himself as Ryan HisLastName and me as Stacy Poopypants.

Stacy Poopypants!

He was laughing and soooo proud of himself. The lady at the service desk told us it was easy to change on, but for a couple of hours, we were registered as Ryan HisLastName and Stacy Poopypants.

The moral of the story? Supervise your fiance when he inputs the info.

I had to act mad about it but, what can I say, it was absolutely hysterical.

We registered for lots of Pyrex, and some odds and ends, nothing big. Target was more of a fend-for-yourself kind of a deal, which was fine with us. The scanner gun was really easy to use and it's easy to edit the registry online.

The next day we registered at Macy's. The people there were beyond helpful, but a tad on the pushy side...they kept urging us to register for multiples of things we really only wanted 1 of, so we did it just to shut them up and now we need to delete a few items. Macy's had a huge selection and we found some bedding we both really like. We're waiting on most of the "big" stuff, like flatware, pots and pans, and dishes until the wedding gets a little closer.

Macy's scanner gun kind of sucked, though. You couldn't go back and look through what you had registered for, you had to wait until the end when you turned the gun back in.

Anyway, I'm glad we got the registries set up and going....that way, we can just add to them when the wedding gets closer. We also want to wait and see if they come out with any new stuff in the spring. We're thinking about adding a 3rd registry since we have sooo many guests, but we aren't sure yet. Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond or Crate and Barrel?

Where did you register? Did you end up getting random stuff that definitely wasn't on your registry?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Wedding Present

Ryan and I received our first wedding present this weekend!

More a Ryan present, actually. A bunch of guys Ryan coached (our ushers) pooled their money and got us an XBox Elite, 1 year's worth of XBox Live and Call of Duty. One of the runner's mom's mentioned how a wedding present should be for both members of the couple, and one of the runners then explained that I could certainly make use of this as a DVD player (right)!

I'm really glad they got this for Ryan. Since Ryan doesn't coach the guys anymore, it's been harder for them all to keep in touch, and apparently XBox live is an excellent means of manly communication. They got it for him early, too, so they could play together all semester. It's something I've been wanting to get for Ryan myself, but I keep getting de-railed financially (work and such).

Our first wedding present--an XBox, who knew!

Did you get any memorable or early wedding presents?

I just finished reading....

Under the Dome, by Stephen King.

It was so good.

This book is long, over 1000 pages, so it is quite the time commitment. I had a deadline too, as this book has lengthy waiting list at the local library and I had to get it done before the due date. My sister the librarian checked it out, and I don't want to sully her reputation with an overdue. That doesn't look good at all for librarians.

There are some slight spoilers ahead, just a warning!

The basic premise is a small town in Maine gets trapped under a mysterious dome. No one can get in or out, even the weather is affected as very little air can get into the dome. The book follows some notable residents of the town through the havoc that ensues after the dome goes down.

It's disturbing how badly humans treat each other, and how propaganda works, and how quickly a society can fall apart.

Mr. King very nicely provided a list of main characters at the front of the book, which was very welcome as he tells the stories of many, many people, and I lost track a couple times who was who!

I loved the book, and will definitely purchase a copy when it hits paperback and read it again. The Wikipedia entry on the book gives you some great insight into what inspired the story. Mr. King mentions that "We're a blue planet in a corner of the galaxy, and for all the satellites and probes and Hubble pictures, we haven't seen evidence of anyone else. There's nothing like ours. We have to conclude we're on our own, and we have to deal with it. We're under the dome. All of us."

I finished that book last weekend, and I picked up Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family after I read on CNN that Mip Gies (the author) had passed away this week at the age of 100.

If you read anything this year, this book should be it. If you don't even want to read the whole book, read the prologue. This book is an autobiography written by one of Mr. Frank's employees who helped to hide the Frank family from July of 1942 to August of 1944. It's a really short read, and quick. Miep writes very matter-of-factly, and it's so interesting to see the "Secret Annex" from the view of someone who wasn't hiding in it. I can't believe how brave this woman was...not only was she helping to hide 7 people in her office, but she hid someone else in her home.

The prologue mentions that every night the curtain goes up on the play based on Anne Frank's diary. My junior year in high school, that curtain opened on my drama club's production of The Diary of Anne Frank. I played Anne's older sister Margot. It was...surreal. You don't got off stage when your bits done like in other shows, the whole stage is the Secret Annex so you would go off to the "bedroom" or whatever while the show was going on. We worked so hard on that show, and the drama teachers (now family friends, they're coming to the wedding!) still say that out of the dozens of shows they've done, they are most proud of Diary. It means the world to me that I got to be involved in it. So I've also had a particular interest in the story since the show.

I just started reading Barbara Kingsolver's new book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which is the story of her family trying to grow their own food and eat as locally as possible.

What are you reading right now?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage Lovelies

I saw these on This is Glamorous yesterday and had to share.

Fantasy Floral Designs puts these vintage pin bouquets together. I'm sure they are super expensive (wedding planning has taught me that if the price isn't listed, then I can't afford it), because those vintage pins cost $2-$15 a piece (my mom collects them). Aren't they lovely and quirky? There are so many insanely beautiful non-floral bouquets out there.

Are you doing a non-floral bouquet?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stages of Planning

I mentioned that my friend Melissa got engaged. She's getting married November 6th, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I've never done before! I'm super excited.

By the way, this picture makes me realize how little I get out nowadays. I'm quite the hermit, and I really need to get out of the house much more than I do!

Anyway, I was talking to Melissa and she was going through this massive amount of information, from invitations to flowers to what the venue includes in the price to craft days and it sounded exactly like me once I hit the internet a month or so after getting engaged. It got me thinking about how there are different stages of wedding planning--there's the freaking-out-excited-I'm-actually-engaged stage, then the stage where reality sets and you realize that those weddings you see in magazines cost tens of thousands of dollars that you don't have. After that is the nitty-gritty planning stage, crunching the numbers of venues, guest list head counts, open bar, beer and wine only, cash bar, etc. This was a tough stage for me, because I had to reconcile what I had in my head with reality. Right now I'm in a slightly apathetic mode, and all I want to do is cross sh*t off my to do list. I want as much of this wedding done now as I can...I do not want to be suicidal the week of the wedding.

In the first part of wedding planning, I was all over Weddingbee, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Martha Stewart Weddings, books, and every wedding mag I could get my hands on. But I don't need inspiration anymore, because all of those things are pretty much decided. I really don't need to be looking because I have the nasty tendency to change my mind, so it's best if I stay away!

I am going to inventory my wedding planning literature stash and pass 90% of it on to Melissa. She's still in inspiration mode and it's just gathering dust on my shelf anyway.

Have you noticed different stages of planning for your wedding, or has it all been a pretty even keel deal?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Year in Review

I've read a few years in reviews, and it made me think about what a year 2009 has been for me.

I got engaged!

I realized that my sister's are my best friends in the world, and always will be. The relationships I have with them are so precious to me.

Ryan moved away...and the earth didn't come to an end! After a few months, the distance is very tolerable for us and we're doing really well. I thought it would do so much damage to our relationship, but it hasn't at all.

I found my first "grown-up" (post-college) job, as a scriptwriter. The job has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me as a writer.

I ran 2 half marathons last January....and nothing since. This is on my list of things to improve on, that's for sure.

I cheered my man on as he ran the Boston Marathon! (Ryan mentioned us going back on 2011...little does he know that it is a done deal)

I became much more adventurous about my food, inspired by Anthony Bourdain. I now love mushrooms...who knew?

So who knows what is in the cards for me for 2010...I'm getting married, I'm moving (somewhere, just no idea where yet!)'s going to be a really crazy year. I'd really like to work on improving some race times (topping my list is improving my 5K PR), maybe run a marathon (huge maybe here). I want to read more and watch TV less, which I'm doing well at so far. I want to be a more optimistic person instead of assuming the worst, and I'd like to learn how to sew clothing for myself. Not resolutions really, just things I'd like to do or be.

So how was 2009 for you? What are you looking forward to the most in 2010?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My mom made me this cake for my birthday last weekend (I am now 24, officially in my mid 20s). It's shaped like a giant cupcake!

She used a cake pan similar to this to make the cake.

It's a devil's food cake with whipped cream icing and sliced strawberries all over it. Delicious and fascinating because of the fun shape. I haven't had an amusingly-shaped cake in years!

How cute would this be for a cupcake-themed bridal shower?

I just finished reading...

The Maze Runner, but James Dashner.

It's the first part of a young adult trilogy. My sister Allison works in the youth section of the public library, and if anything good crosses her path she sends it my way. I laid down (by that I mean curled up in bed in the fetal position, thank you time of the month) and started this around 6 p.m. and read it straight through and finished around 9:30 or 10, so it's a pretty quick read.

It took me a few chapters to get a grip on what was going on, but by then I was hooked and couldn't stop even if I wanted to. The basic gist is a group of kids is stuck in the middle of a giant maze. They stay in the middle of the maze in a place called the Glade, and every day runners go out into the maze to try to map it so they can hopefully find a way out. A new kid joins the group once a month, and the newest addition, Thomas (protagonist) is very different from the rest. The ending is amazing.

I should never get hooked on a series unless the entire series has been published-unfortunately this is the only book that's out in this trilogy!

I just started Steven King's newest book, Under the Dome. I'm just a dozen or so pages in, and this book is quite the tome and should take me a bit. There are tons of holds on the book, so I have to have it finished by the 20th, so I have to hurry! So far it seems very like The Wall by Marlen Haushofer, but I shall see!

It's been so cold and snowy out lately that all I want to do after work is curl up in bed and read until it's lights out.

What are you reading right now?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just finished reading....

Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn.

It was quite the page turner! I made the mistake of starting it last week when I got to St. Louis to visit with Ryan and his family, and this book made me want to be entirely anti-social until I finished it. The main character is Libby, who survived the massacre of her family when she was 7. The book is about her searching for her family's killer...and it is not at all who you'd think it is.

A lot of page turner/mystery/thriller books tend to be poorly written and on the trashy side, with a sleazy sex scene thrown in there for good measure (not all obviously, but many). This book was very well written, and the timeline that the author uses keeps you on your toes.

I highly recommend it, but only if you have a few days free to read it!

What are you reading right now?

Garter Material

*Ryan, this concerns the garter which I know you'd like to be surprised about, so read no further please*

I was in St. Louis last week when I was laid off from work, and I made it to this amazing fabric store called Jackman's Fabrics. This place is like Mood from Project Runway or something, the selection was incredible.

I posted about a lovely garter I'd like to model mine after here, and I've been on the hunt for dotted swiss tulle. I hadn't been able to come close anywhere, not even online, but I knew I'd be able to find something at Jackman's. They have a really large selection of bridal trim, lace and fabrics, and now I know why lace dresses cost so much-they had some lace there that was $65 a yard! Anyway, they had this lovely sheer fabric that I think will work nicely:

It was $9/yard, and I got a half yard, which is wayyyy too much fabric, but I've never made a garter before or worked with elastic and I wanted to leave myself plenty of room for error.

I am doing the garter in the colors of a running team Ryan is on with some of his running friends. The team is called "Omega Falcon" and their colors are blue and orange. (Don't worry, they all have nicknames that go on their singlets...most of them have ninja names.) I want to incorporate the name Omega Falcon in there somehow, and I was thinking a personalized tag or something, but they are expensive, and you have to order a bunch. I might look into embroidering the name on the ribbon, which sounds really tricky. Or maybe I could get a piece of satin and cut it into a strip, hem it, and embroider on that.

Hopefully I can get on it this weekend, depending on if Ryan comes down or not. I just need to get some ribbon and/or satin, coordinating thread and elastic and I'll be good to go. Now that I have a kick *ss sewing machine, this should (hopefully) be a fun project!

Are you sewing anything for your wedding, or learning new skills?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I was in 5th grade, my mom bought me a lovely aquamarine ring set in yellow gold. It fit for a couple years, but then languished in the depths of my jewelry box since it didn't fit and I didn't really wear yellow gold anymore.

Since our wedding colors are aqua and red, and I love aquamarines and this ring in particular, I've been wanting to get the ring redone for quite a while. I never got around to it, and I didn't even notice when the ring disappeared a while back. Ryan, with the help of my sister, smuggled the ring out of my house and had it dipped in a rhodium coating and re-sized. The new coating really sets of the stones, and it is so gorgeous.

I love it! It will definitely be a part of wedding-day ensemble, and I am blown away by Ryan's thoughtfulness.

Did you get any gifts lately that you are incorporating into your wedding?