Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wedding Magazines

I have stopped buying wedding magazines.

Why? But they are so much fun, you say! I agree completely. They were fun at first, but I have lost interest.

The weddings in those magazines? Those aren't anything close to the kind of wedding Ryan and I will be having. And their budget articles are normally....out of our budget. Which is silly, because while Ryan and I are having what I would term a "budget" wedding, we are by no means spending no it drives me nuts when the "budget" options they feature are still too expensive!

Anyway, those magazines are expensive, and they give me expensive ideas! They really make me lose perspective of the fact that the amount of money we spend or the decorations we have are totally irrelevant-what's important is Ryan and I's marriage, our joining our lives together forever. So I've stopped buying them, with the exception of Martha Stewart Weddings, because that magazine is packed with practical, easy-to-do, budget friendly projects.

So I'm going to stop wasting $6-10 a pop on these magazines....

And continue spending my money on this quarterly tome...

Do you find wedding magazines useful, and if so, which ones are your favorites? Is it just me or are magazines obscenely expensive?

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  1. I stopped, too. The only one I buy now is Martha. Gotta have her! The rest I can find on the 'net.


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