Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bamboo for my Handsome Man

Look what came in the mail this week!

It's Ryan's bamboo ring we ordered off of Etsy. Here's the Etsy shop-the seller was fabulous. Since my photography skills leave much to be desired, here's the picture from the Etsy seller:

Ryan's ring looks identical to this. He wanted it as a wedding band, but I thought he might want something more durable as well. The bamboo ring was only $65 (plus $3 shipping), and he wants a Tungsten band for when we get married. He's going to start wearing the bamboo ring now.

I won't see him this weekend, so I dropped it in the mail for (insured, of course). He got it yesterday and it fits-and he really likes it. He said it just felt weird on, but I know he'll get used to it. It took me a good week or so to get used to my engagement ring, and now I feel naked without it!

Did you or your fiance make any alternative ring choices? Are any of your grooms wearing rings before the wedding?

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