Monday, September 14, 2009

Something Blue

So originally I wanted an aquamarine ring or earrings to wear as my something blue. I have an aquamarine ring I got for Christmas when I was in 5th or 6th grade from my mom. It's a 3 stone ring and the stones have a really pretty color to them, but unfortunately it's set in yellow gold. I'm going to look into getting it resized and dipped in white gold.

New aquamarine rings are way out of my price range...which is like, $50 tops. I'm trying really hard to save money for the wedding, because I am way too good at spending it! I was googling for aqua gemstones and stumbled across Peruvian opal. It's like a milky aqua stone, it's so pretty.

I found these on Etsy.

Here's more Peruvian opal:


So, if the redipping/resizing of my aquamarine ring doesn't work out, I think that Peruvian opal will be a great option! It also comes in a lovely pale pink.

Have any of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen had any experience in re-dipping rings? What are you doing for your something blue?

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  1. I have a Peruvian Opal ring and I just love it. HOWEVER, be aware that this stone is very delicate. I dropped mine, and the beautiful thing now has a chip in it. Naturally, I was heart broken.

    It's a beautiful choice though!


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