Monday, June 18, 2012

I made a skirt

I made a skirt--one that I can actually WEAR!  I normally pick something way too complicated, get overwhelmed by the amount of steps, convince myself I'm going to screw it all up...or cut out a size too small/too big or make an un-wearable practice version then hate it and never make a real version.  Yeah.  Psyche myself out every time!

I used this tutorial that I found on Pinterest, and the directions were good.  The skirt ended up fuller than I would've liked-though my sister told me it was fine-so the next time I make it, I might decrease the width on the main body piece.  I picked out gray seersucker at Hobby Lobby, and it was half off $8/yard.  They only had a yard and a half left on the bolt, so I bought it hoping I could get the whole skirt cut out (the pattern says 2 yards) and I had plenty of leftovers!  I decreased the waist size by 1/2 an inch.  I made a pattern out of some butcher paper, and I'm really glad I did...measuring/cutting large pieces of fabric w/o intimidates me.  All total, the skirt cost my $7, with $6 in fabric and $1 in a zipper.  I didn't sew the sash to the that point I was just rejoicing it had worked out!

Ta Da!  In the bathroom mirror at work.

It's wonky.  And there are spots where I would be mortified if my Grandma wanted a closer look.  Because the part where you attached the gathered skirt to the waistband....I was sweating, it was nerveracking, and it's a touch sloppy.  But I was NOT going to let my anal-retentiveness-when-it-comes-to-sewing stand between me and this skirt...I just went with it and told myself the sash would hide it.  And it did :)

I'm thinking the same skirt, but in a jewel tone...maybe a bright green, with a 3-4 inch band of another color at the bottom for round 2!

I also got the supplies and got started on a book to house all of our wedding cards....2 year anniversary is coming up next month, and I thought it'd be nice to actually organize them and get them out of the card box they arrived in.  No judging here you guys...which is why I can also tell you that Ryan and I haven't printed off a single picture from our wedding.  Despite having the CD with high res images and printing rights.  Now I know why people pay a premium to have the photog do it for them....

Have you crossed any projects off of your to-do list lately?

Friday, June 15, 2012


I've been on NuvaRing for....5 years now?  A significant amount of time.  I've been on pretty much every form of hormonal BC on the market, and NuvaRing has worked for me the best by far (keeping in mind that every form of hormonal BC is going to work with your particular body chemistry differently, so what works for me might suck lots for you, vice versa).  In the past 6 months, I've had 3 crippling migraines...and the one I had earlier this week was the worst yet.  I started seeing spots, knew it was going to happen, and had complete tunnel vision and a full on blasting headache within 2 minutes.  It was fast.  So fast that it scared me-and it took me out of commission for a good 24 hours, migraine hangover the next day and all.

So I did some research, and it looks like a big trigger to a migraine is hormones, and I also found lots of forums where women reported developing migraines while on NuvaRing, while never having them before.  I'm not so likely to believe this, though, since I've been on it for so long and I'm just now getting them,'s too coincidental.

I'm not interested in trying to switch hormonal birth controls-been there, done that, it sucked.  So I'm wondering if anyone uses a non-hormonal form of birth control?  We'd like to start trying for babies in about 3 years, but I can't help but think it'd be a good thing to start getting all of these hormones I've been on for 10 years out of my system, and maybe avoid that potential waiting period of "getting off BC and hoping things get back to normal STAT so we can get knocked up."

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?  I googled...but google is scary, and informed me that one woman who thought she had a migraine while on NuvaRing actually had a blood clot in her brain.  As you can imagine, that is NOT helpful to me right now, GOOGLE!