Friday, September 4, 2009

Things We Are Not Doing

Things we are not doing....


Because we're feeding them a delicious meal, and I don't feel like messing with it...but these are really cute.

Wedding party transportation.

Because it's not in the budget.


Because Ryan hates tuxes, and it'd look silly to have the groomsmen in tuxes and not the groom. Plus, we wanted to save our groomsmen the rental fee (pretty much all of them have black suits or are in need of a new one).

Flower Girl/Ringbearer.

Ryan thinks I'll change my mind, but there are so many little ones in the family, I just don't want to pick favorites.

Besides, if I can't have my handsome man Henry or my pretty girl Mia, then I don't know if I want anyone else!


We're also not doing Out Of Town bags.

Because I am lazy and don't want to mess with it. If I could afford to put something worthwhile in them, then I would think about it, but I can't, so no biggie.

A reception dress.

Because you all have witnessed the almighty struggle I've had shopping for 1 dress, I don't even want to think about shopping for a second one!

The only thing I really wish we could do was have my dog Henry and my parent's dog Mia be the flower girl and ring bearer, but I think that it would be way too stressful for both of them, and I don't want to put them through that.

What are you not doing?


  1. I so agree on the OOT bags, 2 dresses, a huge limo when everyone can drive, and really anything you feel like you dont need. Its your wedding...its your way! PS...your dogs are sooo cute!

  2. We're not doing favors, the second dress or transportation. We may do OOT bags with homemade goodies because I feel like they fit in with out travel theme. But they're defintely the first thing to go if the budget is too tight!


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