Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Processional Song Picking Craziness

We had a little too much fun picking processional music!

I really want "Dawn" from Pride and Prejudice for my processional. My mom and my sister Alli aren't sure how I'm going to walk to it, but I love it.

The processional song picking didn't end there, oh no....we started laughing about goofy songs, and here is where the craziness ensued....

I suggested the Jurassic Park theme song...hehehe....when I was away at college, I had a (um, still do) weird fascination with this movie. I can watch it multiple times in a week and I don't get sick of it. I love Dr. Grant! Not in a weird way, he's just great.

So Mary started acting like she was a pterodactyl going down the aisle, complete with sound effects....

We were all dying laughing. Then we pulled up the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker on the computer. When Alli and I were little, we used to dance to this song all. the. time. Our "dance" involved us running around in circles and jumping when the music calls for it. So I had to show Mary how it's done:

Anyway, we all laughed our *sses off and had a total blast. As of right now, I'm walking down to Dawn and the parents and bridesmaid's will probably walk to Canon in D, but it's certainly up for debate.

What's your processional? Did craziness and hilarity ensue in any portion of your wedding planning?

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  1. We are going with a string quartet version of "Hey There Deliliah." The song has special meaning to the Mister and I since we spent quite a bit of our engagement in different cities attending collge.


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