Friday, September 25, 2009

Reception Playlist

So the reception play list has been the project that has been the most worked on lately. I listen to Internet radio at work, and when I hear a song I like I jot it down, and Ryan e-mails me songs he thinks of.

Our play list is all over the board. Ryan suggested this song, which I love!

Another song from a commercial, Let Your Love Flow by Petra Haden.

Ryan picked this one, and I dig!

And I have to have some Patsy...I grew up to the woman, what can I say?

Our play list is fun to put together. Ryan abhors country, but I have to have Brad Paisley's "Then." Have to have it. So baby, I'm asking for 2 country songs...2! If you are reading this studly runner, 2 country songs isn't so much to ask...I'm from Southeast Missouri, I can't stop myself!

Other than the 2 country songs Ryan doesn't care for, I think there's only been a couple of his songs that I didn't care for. And we have drastically different music taste, so that's a pleasant surprise. We need to separate songs into "reception party music" and "laid back during dinner/pre-ceremony music"-right now its all clumped into one big list.

Have you had fun putting your play list together? Do you and your honey have different music tastes?

PS This is my first time embedding videos, so excuse the disorder of this post!


  1. OMG....Ryan just listened to 15 seconds of the Brad Paisley song and said it was terrible! The man just can't handle country.

  2. So funny that you posted this today...I keep a running title list of blog posts to do, and there is one on mine called Music Selections and I keep skipping over it! Because we haven't done it yet!!!!

    And don't listen to Ryan - that's a PERFECT song for your wedding!

  3. Hahaha I'm with A Bride...Again on this one! Its definitely something I keep skipping over. Mr. Milk is far more musically inclined than I (also plays 2 instruments) so I think music can be his baby with my input as needed :)

  4. I love the Amos Lee song! Makes me smile :)


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