Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Harry Potter World


My mom just booked my sisters and I a trip to Harry Potter World December 27-30. The hotel we're staying in includes early admission to the park, so we'll get to get in before everyone else. This is beyond exciting!

Me, Alli and Mary Harry Potter-ed out for the last movie premier.

So why is my mom booking the trip? My MeeMaw passed away last March. She had Alzheimer's, and it went on and on. And on. That disease is the most brutal thing I have ever witnessed. She slipped away one night while she was sleeping, which was a blessing. MeeMaw owned a large farm about an hour's south of where we live, and the estate has recently been divided up. So in a way, MeeMaw is sending us on this trip. Mom thinks it would make her really happy to know that she was doing this for us.

We'll be staying at the Loew's Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, flying in Thursday, having all day Friday and Saturday at the park, then coming home Sunday. 3 days with some of my favorite people in Harry Potter World! I just wish my mom could come, but it's tough for her to get off work around the holidays like that.

Anyone been, advice, what should I wear, things we should do/avoid?

I've felt odd about blogging lately (HA try the past year). Without a clear focus, like the wedding was, I've struggled with what to write. I realized though that I enjoy everyday updates from my wedding planning blog buddies, so as boring as I think my life is, maybe just "hey, this is what we're up to, look at the skirt I'm trying to sew, etc" might be of interest. So I guess we'll see!