Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which one?

I don't think I'm going to have that "this is the one" moment. I have things about many dresses that I like. I'm extraordinarily indecisive, so it's not like I'm surprised by this or anything. I definitely should have seen it coming! Here are the 2 most notable dresses I have tried on:

I like this dress, really like it, but it feels over done to me. The straps in the front are bugging me. They seem heavy, I think. I love the back and the material.

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I also really like this dress, and it feels much more me. I love the fact that I can shorten it and wear it after the wedding. By the way, the dress was a size to big and my mom is holding the extra material tight in the back. The dress is J Crew, and I posted about my J Crew dress trying on extravaganza earlier this month.

This one didn't feel particularly bridal...ugh. Decisions, ladies! Thank goodness I started looking for dresses like, 5 days after I got engaged. The more I look at these 2 right to each other, the more I like the 2nd one. I've quit shopping as of right now so I don't add any more confusion, but maybe I need to keep shopping for dresses. Maybe if I go to St. Louis this weekend, Ryan and I can go dress shopping together. He will definitely help me to not get overwhelmed, as I am apt to do when trying dresses on.

Did you have a hard time deciding on your dress? Because I sure am!


  1. They both look graet on you! Darn you and your fabulous body!!! I like the first one, I think the back is STUNNING and it is so bridal... it looks amazing on you. But really, can you go wrong? I sure don't think so.
    -Miss Pug

  2. Added comment.. if you go with the second one I'd do fancy schmancy hair and a veil to make it more bridal.

  3. I prefer the first one. It looks amazing on you. While the second one looks great too, it looks more like you're going to a dressy party, not like you're getting married.

    Don't feel bad about not having a this-is-the-one moment. I actually had that moment, but the dress was about $1000 more than my second choice. So I went with my second choice. Just take your time. Also, keep in mind that if something is already bothering you about a dress, by the time you've been in it for 10+ hours on your wedding day, you're going to hate that part of the dress.

    Good luck!

  4. I love the back of the first one...but I love the front of the Jcrew one. They both look great on you...but the 2nd one looks like it makes you smile more! Im more of a lace girl myself...but I think I like the 2nd one more!

  5. I love both. If you go with the second dress you can always add something around the empire waist seem... like a silk flower sash or something. Miss Cowboy boot over on Wedding bee is thinking of doing this. Check out her post on it:

    (sorry I don't know how to make it a link!) But this might be an option to dress it up a bit.


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