Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ryan and I worked over our wedding budget recently.

Le sigh.

I'm being over-dramatic. After very generous parental contributions, Ryan and I will need to come up with about $2000 out of pocket. This doesn't include a honeymoon or wedding bands, though, so that's what concerns me.

Ryan says I worrying about this wayyy too much, but I really want a bad-a** honeymoon! I am hoping for a self-driving tour of Ireland, just like Mrs. Lovebug did over on Weddingbee (I'm not even going to link to it, I'm sure you are all voracious readers like myself!).

I think it intimidates me so much because I am quite the spender, while Ryan is the saver of the two of us. It's scary to me, knowing I have to save up a chunk of change in the next year.

Did the idea of saving all that money freak you out?

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  1. I completely understand. Mr Knight and I have to come up with about 3x that amount for our wedding. We managed to do it but it was hard considering he is a recent graduate and I'm still in Grad school (I teach so that offsets most of the cost). You can do it if you put your mind to it! We did have to nix our Europe honeymoon for one to Maui to save money.


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