Friday, August 28, 2009

My Goal is to Try on as Many Dresses as Humanly Possible

First off, a huge shout out to the best Maid of Honor in all of the land...Allison. When asked by the bridal shop lady how many dresses I had tried on, she replied, "A lot!" And Alli was there for pretty much every single one of them, so I owe her big time. Thanks a million Alli!

Now initially, I was going to this store to try on bridesmaid's dresses that could be ordered in ivor (that was yesterdays' post). The bridal consultants noticed what I liked about the bridesmaid's dresses and picked out wedding dresses they thought would work. Normally, this would cause warning bells to go off in my head, but they pulled some stunning gowns and really listened to what I liked. I didn't have to lift a finger, and they pulled some great dresses. First up, the bubble hem:

I hate bubble hems. Alli thought the all-the-way-down rouching made me look taller, and I agree. They did say it would be easy to lose the bubble hem, but this dress was missing something...or maybe I just can't get past the bubble hem. This was an Allure gown (I'm sorry, I was so good about the style numbers for the bridesmaid's dresses, but I failed miserably and didn't get any of these! If you need to know, just e-mail me and I'll call the shop and find out, or give you the shop's info).

Here is a private collection Allure gown, retailing at $798. Doesn't this dress look way more expensive than that? The satin was lustrous and wonderful, and when I was trying this dress on, I felt that it was "too much" or too dramatic for me. I'm a small person, and this is a lotta dress! It's really growing on me, I'm liking it more and more.

Here's the back of the same dress......looovveee the back! Can I just say that this dress was so tiny I could hardly breathe? I was smooshed into this one hardcore! I do love the things it's doing to my butt. Why thank you rouching, you make me look like I have curves! You should hear my mom's commentary on this one, it's hysterical: "What the? It looks like they took the fabric and just wadded it up and stuck it on there and said look, it's a wedding dress!" My mom cracks me up.

This next one was my initial favorite, and I still love it, but I also love strapless. I'm concerned that there is too much volume at the bottom, and Alli thinks that this certainly doesn't make me look any taller, which I agree with 100%. This dress was priced at $650 (!!!!), and the material was a pearlized taffeta. I liked the satin so much more, but they said they could actually get this dress made for me in satin with an upcharge of about $300, since the satin costs more. How amazing is that?

Here it is again, with a droopy sash! I don't know how I feel about the 4 tucks at the bottom of the dress. They look weird to me in the pictures.

And the back...I love the back, I am such a sucker for a pretty back of a dress!

I do love the off the shoulder straps, but I think I love strapless more. The bottom of this dress also looked kinda messy to me, but a lot of that is how much extra fabric they had to tuck under.

These were definitely the best dresses I've tried on so far. I don't have a lot of shape, and these dresses gave me curves and made me feel so sexy. I love the vintage elements, with the buttons down the back. And I really loved the price-all of these dresses were really affordable and very high quality.

The shop that I found these at (if you're interested, I highly recommend it, drop me a line and I'll fill you in) is actually the same shop where I got my prom dress....this is when I tanned. My prom date turned out to be one of my fiance's runners that he coached...weird, huh?

So ladies (and gentlemen), what do you think? I'll be trying them on again this weekend, because I am a psychotic bride who can't make up her d*mn mind! You are all the most objective people I've got, so fire away!


  1. I love the second one, but you look smokin' in all of three!

  2. I love the drama of the second dress..amazing! And the last dress too. I think the last dress is very sophisticated and beautiful. It really depends what style of wedding you are having. I love them both though!

  3. Wanna know something kinda funny? Uh that first dress? Is mine :)
    It looks great on you, though!!

  4. What a small world, it's such a gorgeous gown!

  5. I like them all...but not the first one as much as the other two. You ROCK them all, by the way...

  6. I would love to see you in a sweetheart neckline. Something a mix between #1 and #2- more interesting than #1, but in the same fabric as #2 , just with a little less crazyness (LOVE your mom's comment about the fabric lol! I actually love it except for the whirl on the back which kind of confuses me.) Lucky for you you look gorgeous in every one! Keep 'em coming!!!!!
    -Miss Pug

  7. My mom is hysterical. She isn't really into the wedding planning, which is totally fine, but her commentary is always so funny. Maybe I can get her to leave a comment on her commentary on all of these, because I laughed sooo hard!

  8. I looooove the 2nd one on you...that front and back are stunning on you. Thats funny what your mom said. I do agree that the bottom looks like they just wadded up some fabric...I have never seen a bottom like that. Maybe they can do something better with it? Because the top half to right below your "bottom" is stunning on you.


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