Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Great Dress-Tastrophy

Hehehe, I couldn't figure out how to spell "dresscapade" (doesn't that look wrong to you? It does to me. Maybe because it isn't a real word...), so I went with that post title. By the way, there are going to be a ton of dress posts coming up, because I tried these on last weekend and I tried more on yesterday!

Anyway! I went dress shopping this weekend in St. Louis by myself. I hadn't been by myself before, and it wasn't bad because I tried on nothing that was remotely intriguing to me. I'm going to apologize in advance, because I didn't think to write down a single style number. Here is the website of the shop I visited though. They don't take appointments and everything was priced less than $1200. Their selection wasn't huge, and it was a no frills kind of place.

Number 1 was the pick of my bridal consultant, Libby.

To be brutally honest, the only things I liked about this dress was the fact that it was ivory and that it was strapless. I feel that these big dresses, even A-line ones, overwhelm me.

Gah, I am sorry for the sh*t-tastic pictures! What's hard to see is how thick and bulky the bodice and sleeves were on this dress. I think I loved the way the material flared out from the 3 crystals right above my knees. Still, I just couldn't get past the bodice.

This dress was made of a white mesh with laced and beading accents. The mesh felt scratchy and kind of cheap to me. The material was not a good quality and had lots of little tears in it.

This dress was super simple. I loved the bodice of it, but the rest was just too plain for me.

I'm starting to think that the traditional bridal salon route is not for me. By the time you rule out the dresses that aren't sheaths or trumpets, you've got about 5 dresses to choose from, if that.

Is that a Midwest thing, or is that a low-budget thing? Are you having any luck dress shopping?


  1. If it helps, I LOVE the last one. And the first one, but I have a weakness for bigger dresses :)

    I'm going dress shopping this weekend—ahhhh!

  2. I know you dont like the one with the straps...but I love the bottom of it too! I like how soft it looks.

  3. Ohh. I hate it when consultants put you in their 'favorite dress.' That happened to me at one place and it was this HUGE ballroom gown. It had crazyness all over the place and was hideous! But what do you say when the consultant says its their 'favorite.' I was like 'umm this is nice but not really what I'm looking for' haha. Can't wait to see what you have found!

  4. You are so right Miss Gator, the consultant's fav is always the worst! I've heard so many bridal consultants say "Oh, you always start out thinking you know what you want but you end up with the opposite." This is so not true, for me at least! When I say I want a strapless, slim cut gown, why the eff would you stick in my something poofy? It's just a waste of time-mine and theirs. It's always entertaining to see them make a face when I get in the bigger gowns, like, I told you so!


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