Monday, August 3, 2009

The Magic of J Crew: Part One

So, I tried on some J Crew wedding dresses this weekend, and oh was it fun!

My mom, me, Ryan, and Ryan's mom met at the Galleria mall where we had our J Crew appointment.

The wedding consultant, Claire, is amazing. She brought all of these dresses in for me to try on, found a suit jacket in Ryan's size for him to try on, and came in on her day off. She was wonderful, as was everyone in the store.

First up, we have the cotton cady Alexa.

This is the Alexa on the model:


And this is the Alexa on me:

This dress does not come in petites, and by the time it fit on the shoulders, the fabric had been pulled up so far that it looked...matronly. I wasn't a huge fan of the fabric. The cotton cady fabric was super thick and stiff, and gauzy. The skirt of this dress was lovely, and I loved the pockets!

PS: I did decide to let Ryan see the dresses. I think the tradition behind waiting to see the dress is kind of silly (it has to do with arranged marriages and ensuring that the groom didn't bolt from a heinous bride....not romantic!). I am focusing on not doing things for tradition's sake, and doing what works for Ryan and I, and I wanted him to see it. He's a great help when shopping--he is very honest and he has a great eye, and I know that on our wedding day we are still going to have an amazing moment when we have our first look.

I digress. The Alexa just wasn't for me, but I think the petite would have made a world of difference. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the fabric, and I would worry about wrinkles.

Up next: The Magic of J Crew Part 2!

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