Monday, August 17, 2009

The Big Ones

Ryan booked the caterer this week! That means we've got all of the "big ones" booked: the photographer, the caterer, the church and the reception hall.

I found that the cheap(er) places tend to book up quickly. I'm amazed at people who plan weddings in less than a year. Ryan and I got engaged in April, and I immediately started researching. We toured venues last month and have booked in the last few weeks. I can't imagine finding places to get married and have a reception less than a year out!

I've been telling myself since May that once Ryan and I got the "big ones" squared away, that I could relax and the wedding planning would be much more fun.

I do feel more relaxed already! Now I get to play with the fun details, like:

-Aisle decorations
-Centerpiece mock-ups
-Invitation design
-A bride's man?

Much more fun than boring contracts.

How long is it taking you to plan your wedding? Did getting the big vendors taken care of stress you out?

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