Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Magic of J Crew: Part 3

On to the final dress of the day!

This is the metallic Madison rose gown on the J Crew model:


And here it is on me. The dress was a size up, so my mom is behind me holding the extra fabric tight so we could get an idea of what it would look like altered. The brunette with the bob and black cardigan is Claire, the wedding consultant/total rockstar.

Oh it is so gorgeous! I love it. The defined waist is begging for a sash or a brooch....can you picture red satin pumps peeking out?

The fabric was luscious ivory silk with modern looking flowers done in silver thread. It's thick enough that it's somewhat forgiving. It does make me look flat chested, but sewn in bra cups work wonders.

I think this is it, ladies!

They no longer make this in my size, but Claire, the J Crew wedding consultant, said that since my size is unavailable, that J Crew would cover all of the alterations for me. I can open up a J Crew card and save 10 or 20 percent, too, making this dress much more affordable...especially considering I'm not paying for alterations.

It's simple, classic, different, chic....I think this very well might be the dress! And how cute would it look shortened after the wedding and worn as a cocktail dress?

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  1. The dress is gorgeous!! I love it! I soo wanted to try the J Crew wedding dress but we didn't have anywhere in our state where you can see the line in person. :-(

    But I found my perfect garden dream dress from Wtoo by Watters. It is the Marquarite. But shhhhh. The Mister doesn't know yet.


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