Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses....for Me!

I was on a mission to find a simple wedding dress, and my next step was to try on the Watters or the WToo bridesmaids dresses that conveniently come in ivory. I found a store about 30 minutes from my hometown that carried them (the same place I got my prom dress!), so one day after work my bad*ss MOH and I headed out to give it our best shot.

Up first, the WToo 585. The fabric was a decent quality, but it was just too plain. Aren't I awful, I want a simple dress but then I say these are too plain! There was nothing special about it, I think.

Here we have the Watters 5710. The fabric was a light taffeta with a bit of texture to it, and it felt kind of wintry to me. Once again, nothing special.

This was my favorite out of all the bridesmaids dresses. It had a pretty wrapped sweetheart neckline, and I love a sash. It is the Watters 8382.

Still, it left a lot to be desired!

This was a Forever Yours 272, and the material was much softer. Pretty, but that's about it-no wow factor whatsoever.

It is so hard when they size is off! I have such a difficult time picturing what it would look like on me in the right size.

Anyway, these were not right at all. Luckily, the ladies at the shop were wonderful and pulled wedding dresses for me to try on, based on what I liked and disliked about these dresses. I'm glad I gave the bridesmaid's dresses a shot though!

The wedding dresses I also tried on that day are up next, and they are the best yet!

Did you try on wedding dress alternatives, and how did it work out for you?


  1. Ooooh, I love the blue! Can't wait to see the wedding dresses you tried on :)

  2. I like the shape of the brown one on you. Cant wait to see the wedding dresses you tried on. I got lucky and found my dress on the first day of shopping at the only store I went to! :)

  3. I know what the problem is look good in everything, which makes it hard to choose!

  4. I was going to say the same thing as ABDohogne! You look awesome in all of those even though they're way too big. I didn't think of trying on bridesmaid dresses, but then I wanted something pretty "poofy" and with pickups and there aren't many bridesmaid dresses like that. I blogged about my search for a dress in 3 parts (you might have already read them), but I'm pretty sure I could've made it 5 or 6 parts! It seemed like I'd never find one!

    PS - I just realized you're from Missouri and a recent college grad.. Did you go to MU?


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