Friday, August 14, 2009

Losing My Sh*t

I am not managing stress well at all lately!

I just started a new job, my car needs new tires and the wheel size is weird so they are EXPENSIVE, Ryan's dealing with a lot right now, and we're in different cities...and to top it all off, he went $123 over on his cell phone bill...talking to me.

It's all just life stuff, but I feel like I'm not handling it as well as I should. I mean, isn't this wedding planning stuff supposed to be fun? Instead of enjoying it, I'm having meltdowns about how much it is costing. It's like the wedding exacerbates stress. It gives me stuff to fixate on and freak out over.

Workouts are keeping me sane right now. I never understood why people saw them as such stress relievers. Up until now, they've always been just one more thing on my to-do list, but lately, I have been really looking forward to my workouts. Yesterday I hammered out 5 miles on the elliptical after work and read some of East of Eden. I felt sooooo much better afterwards--my mood was vastly improved and I was feeling much more positive.

I have to get a grip though. Yesterday on the phone Ryan said "anti-anxiety meds aren't that bad, are they?" He was kidding...mostly!

How are you handling stress? Do you think wedding planning makes it worse?

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  1. "More important, you have to stay happy and positive or the stress will kill you--but at least it will make you skinny."
    -Joely Fisher

    I found this amusing...but now don't go stressing out about losing any weight, you hear? You are gorgeous and capable; just relax and try to enjoy the ride!


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