Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovely Ladies

Here's what I'm thinking for the bridesmaid's.


This is the J Crew silk chiffon Juliet dress in tropical aqua. Just an FYI, all of the dresses are from J Crew and they are all in tropical aqua.


My MOH is praying that this dress comes out in tropical aqua. Right now it's only available in Spiced Wine or Deep Rose. I think the tie on the shoulder would set her apart a bit, no? She would look amazing in this (really anything, to be honest, she's got the perfect body).


This is the silk chiffon Sophia dress.

I love this silk taffeta Lorelei dress. I actually saw the tropical aqua taffeta in person, and it was lighter than this and absolutely gorgeous. I know I just showed lots of silk chiffon, but I'm open to any fabric except for the jersey, which I think it too casual.

The J Crew wedding consultant, Claire, said that this color is really popular and would most likely return next spring. I just can't ask people to order dresses 11 months before the wedding, I think it's way too early. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that tropical aqua returns in the spring! I plan on having the bridesmaids pick whatever dress they'd like in the tropical aqua as long as it isn't jersey.

I went back and forth on getting bridesmaids dresses from J Crew, because they are so expensive. The David's Bridal ones I liked were all $135, and if you get a J Crew card to get 10%, the J Crew dresses are maybe $30 more expensive. This made it much more reasonable to, who wouldn't want to wear these dresses again? They're gorgeous! When I saw the aqua taffeta in person, I definitely considered ditching the wedding dress and rocking the aqua with red satin heels.

What are you having your lovely ladies wear?


  1. Mine are J.Crew too, in black! They are discontinued (they all bought them on sale!!!!) and are just like the last one you posted but a more sweetheart-type neckline. I love them because unlike David's dresses (IMO) you can REALLY wear them again without people being like oh she wore that in a wedding. Love the color!
    -Miss Pug

  2. Oh I soo wanted J Crew dress for my bridesmaids. I actually considered the very top dress on your blog entry. But, price was the issue. We ended up going with a look alike of the dress over at David's Bridal. I found a code online for $20 off and they got the dresses for about $109 with shipping. They arrived 2 days after we ordered them! I blogged about them here:

    I think going with the silk chiffon is a good idea, especially if it is going to be hot outside. If the dresses go on sale at J Crew by chance, I would say to snatch them up (so what if it is 11 months in advance). If your girls know that it is the dress for them, then go for it! (I had my ladies order theirs 10 months in advance).

    Good luck and love your blog!

  3. I love the strapped ones...they're very beautiful. And I love the aqua color! We're going with a aqua like color too! I believe ours are Mori Lee.


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