Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Magic of J Crew: Part 2

Curious as to what's up? Check out The Magic of J Crew: Part 1 right here.

The next dress I tried on was the silk tricotine Sophia.

Here is the J Crew model in the dress:


And here is me in the Sophia:

From the back:

This gown shows every bump, bulge, wrinkle, and dimple you've got. It is crazy see-through, too. I know that some heavy duty undergarments would fix this issue, but I didn't feel that the fabric was at all forgiving. This also looked kind of nightgowny to me. I think if I were getting married on the beach, I would go for it. This dress did come in petite, and it fit perfectly. The hem just grazed the floor, so heels are not an option unless you don't mind them peeking out.

This is a dress I would buy if I was a month out from the wedding and couldn't find anything else, but it was too simple for me.

Part 3 is coming up, and it's a good one!

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  1. Glad to see somebody trying on JCrew gowns. I'm in love with a few of them for my vow renewal, but haven't tried any on yet.


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