Monday, June 1, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

I have an announcement to make.

Ryan and I have agreed on something concerning the wedding.

I'm exaggerating. We agree on some things, but we still cannot agree on a color, a city in which to have the wedding (not so much that we can't agree, we just can't decide), bowties for the groomsmen (please Ryan, pretty please?), etc. I do love having an involved groom, because it's his day just as it is mine. I'm super indecisive, so having Ryan actually care it very helpful.

So how did Ryan and I come to agree on something for the wedding? It came about as I was researching photographers last week. Remember in my post when I talked about how expensive photography was? Well, Gail Fleming has come to the rescue. I found her on the WPJA's website. I love her style, there are some incredible candid shots that I can't get enough of, but she also has some great posed pictures too, so you truly get the best of both worlds. She is a top pick from The Knot and she is in St. Louis. Even if we got married in my hometown about 2 hours south, her traveling fee is only $100. She is reasonable, too. Her packages all come with a CD of high-resolution images complete with printing rights, and her prices are extremely doable for Ryan and I as the ones we would choose are under $2000. Besides all of this practical stuff......I really, really love her pictures. This is the first thing on the yellow brick road of wedding planning that I have gotten kind of emotional about....I am attached to this photography, what can I say.

Anyway (I am long winded, aren't I?), I showed her stuff to Ryan last week and he was all about it! He likes that the pictures aren't all posed, and he particularly likes her prices. He told me to go ahead and call her and set up a meeting. It was so easy, and we were both totally on the same page! He has no weird emotional attachment to her stuff like I do, though! It was just a wonderful breath of fresh air. Enough talking, onto the good stuff (all images courtesy of Gail Fleming Photography):

How cute is that last one!

Do you and your future hubs disagree/agree on wedding planning, for the most part? Did you find yourself inexplicably attached to any facets of your wedding planning?

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  1. Funny...we just had a big disagreement tonight about cake toppers of all things. But we ended up laughing about it and figured out a solution. :)


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