Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spiritual But Not Religious

There is a website I follow called Spiritual But Not Religious, and you can find it here. It has some really great sermons and articles that I check up on every few days or so.
They explain the premise of the website much better than me:
“Spiritual But Not Religious” describes a new worldview that is inclusive and open as opposed to separatist and closed. SBNR people desire a deep experience of life, including the mysteries of life, without the limitations and baggage of doctrine and religion. (source).


The guy who runs the site is Ian Lawton, and he has a progressive Christian church in Michigan. I e-mailed him to see if he had any suggestions on how to craft a spiritual wedding ceremony, since Ryan and I aren't really into organized religion. He e-mailed me back and he's trying to get a website up just on resources for spiritual weddings, and asked if I would participate in a dialogue with him concerning how to structure the website, etc. I am so pumped! I've been lurking around lots of spiritual blogs, and I am so excited to participate with something that means so much to me. The ceremony is the most important thing about the wedding to me, and I really want it to represent Ryan and I's spiritual beliefs. Ian Lawton is also huge in the world of internet spirituality. He has taken worship to a whole new level with the way he has used the web to spread the message of his church--he Podcasts his sermons every Sunday, how cool is that?

If any of you wonderful people have any suggestions for spiritual ceremonies that are not necessarily linked to organized religion, please let me know, and I would can pass them on to the fabulous people over at

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