Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovely Lace

I tried this on, and it was great. Ignore the bolero, the veil, and the big flower. Insert wide ivory satin sash pinned with a rhinestone clip. This is the silhouette for me, my friends! As soon as my sister puts the pictures from this weekend on the computer, then I can show you a picture of me in this dress. I am still unsure about the all over lace. I never would have picked this up off the rack, but Alli told me I should at least try it, and am I glad I did! I thought Ryan would hate this dress because of the lace, but I showed it to him and he didn't have any complaints. I'll talk more about this later, but I had to show it to you asap!

Did you try on a dress that you ended up loving that you never would have picked out yourself?

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  1. Yes! My dress is nothing like what I had originally envisioned. I only tried it on because the saleslady suggested it. I was like, well, why not? It was the first one I tried on and nothing compared!

    I personally love the lace!


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