Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Hall

I was up in Ryan's hometown recently to go to his brother's graduation party and meet some more of his family. His family is so nice, that I keep wondering what the catch is! There isn't one apparently, I just won the in-laws lottery.

Anyway, we had an extra few minutes and we drove by Memorial Hall in a local park to see if it would be a possibility in terms of a wedding venue.

Memorial Hall is situated in Rau Garden. The fact that the venue is IN a gorgeous garden makes pictures super convenient. Here are some pictures of the garden:

By the way, I got all of these pictures off of the St. Charles Parks website.

The hall itself was built in 1929. Here is a picture of the interior with no tables or anything. I love the simplicity--white walls, natural light, hardwood floors. Does it get any better?

And here's a picture of the room above all dressed up for a reception:

I LOVE IT. It's the only place I've looked at that I have been excited about (so we've only looked at 3 places total...but I get excited, and I know what I want!). It would be so easy to make this room look really pretty, and the site fee is only $700. Compared to the other stuff we're looking at, it's as good as it's going to get. Ryan seems to think that St Louis is going to be more expensive than my home town, but Memorial Hall is cheaper to rent than many places in my home town, and all of the catering I've looked at in both my hometown and St Louis is about the same. I personally don't think there would be a huge price difference, but Ryan thinks there will be.

So what do you think? I need opinions. Can I make this building look pretty? Price-wise, do you think it's reasonable?

On a totally different note, I have an extremely promising job interview today....I would very much appreciate any prayers/happy thoughts/finger crossing being sent my way!


  1. Hi Stacy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's always nice to know who's reading:) We really enjoyed our cruise, but I will say that for being more "active" people - we got a little stir crazy by the end, so you might want to factor that in. Also, we dont drink, but I realize most people do, and the drinks are super expensive on the ship. Good things to consider:)

    I am running the San Francisco marathon in October, so my training plan for that starts in two weeks. In the meantime, I'm just doing some speedwork and working on strength training during my down time. I'm considering actually running TWO fall marathons this year - we'll see:)

    That site looks gorgeous for your wedding - I love the garden!

    - Emily

  2. I love the simplicity and natural beauty of this venue! With the natural coloring of the wood floors and white walls, it would be so simple for you to incorporate your branch/paper flower idea. It would be very earthy and very Stacy!

    I don't think I even need to mention how wonderful the picture options would be outside.

    It would be very convenient for Ryan's side to get to this venue obviously--and since that is the bulk of the guest list (aside from your friends--who will surely travel to see the wedding of the century) I think that would be a positive factor to him! From a hopeful-future-bride-to-be/secret-planner's stand point, I think that you would actually be saving money by having it in the STL area. Two thumbs up on this one!


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