Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feelings of Inadequacy

I was checking out Martha's website for new craft projects that I might be able to use for the wedding, and that's when some serious feelings of inadequacy struck. I am never going to make a windscreen to bring with me to the beach. It's just not going to happen. I am also not going to make terry cloth pillows for my pool house, namely because I don't have a pool house, but also because I don't really feel that lots of decorating effort needs to go into a pool house. It just made me feel like such a slacker! Does Martha give anyone else the same feelings? Anyway, on to the goods. I found some seriously cute craft projects I am going to need to use at the wedding.


How cute and totally unexpected is that? I have no idea where I put these or what I would do with them, but I want them and I am going to try to find a place for them.

I've been thinking about doing a late night snack of cookies and milk, and these envelopes would be a great way to package them.


I think we're going to end up with rectangular tables at our reception due to space constraints. I wanted to make napkins out of patterned fabric in our colors, but then I realized that table runners would look fabulous on rectangluar tables. And then I saw these:


It's a leaf motif! I think this would add so much visual interest to the tables.

Did you ever come across projects that you had to find a place for?

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