Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thrifting the Day Away

My mom, my sister Alli and I went antiquing at a colossal antique mall last weekend. This mall is in St. Mary's, MO, population 377, and the focal point of the town is this antique mall with over 600 dealers. This place goes on, and on, and it wears you out! I saw inspiration everywhere I wanted to share with you all, like these invitations to a bachelor party:

They were very manly looking, and I love the way the look.

Blue mason jars, so gorgeous. These are popular right now, and they are so easy to find. I saw at least a dozen in this one antique mall alone. They usually go for $3-$8 in this part of the country, not too bad at all.

Um, a ball of Christmas?
This is a birdhouse. For a birdhouse themed wedding, maybe?

Dream stove, so so gorgeous. I want it. I love kitchens from the 20's-50's.

This reminded me of the flower covered initials I see people putting on church or reception doors. I think it'd be easy to DIY, don't you?

Vintage hankies. I've seen people on the internet set up a basket of these at the front of the ceremony location, as an alternative to tissues. I think it is such a great idea, and they make a neat little keep sake too. If we were having a smaller wedding I would want to do this, but at $2-5 a per handkerchief, it is too pricey for me.

I love the colors in this one.

There's some of my milk glass! It's substantially more expensive at an antique mall like this. The junk stores fit my budget more when it comes to large quantities.

This veil was pretty spectacular.

Anyway, we had a blast, and I get so much inspiration from these places. My whole house is furnished in finds from antique malls like this, and now my wedding is chock full of them too! So if you aren't an antique or thrift store fan, go try one on for size. The prices are typically much cheaper than anything you can buy new, and everyone will wonder where you got your stuff!

Do you draw lots of inspiration from one place?


  1. i need a good day of antiquing! part of what i love about thrifting and antiquing is that everything has had a life already, been a special token to someone, lived in their home, it makes each item that much more valuable to me, i love thinking about who it might have belonged to.

  2. It looks like you had an awesome time. I love going to antique malls - I love the mixture of stuff piled around, all the interesting items with interesting histories. So cool!

    And yes, that veil is pretty spectacular. :)

  3. LOL @ the veil! The birdhouse could actually be a cute card box if the top or bottom or back came off to retrieve the cards!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps chat me later I want to ask u about your blog template!


  4. Oooh that veil is...somethin' else! I love going to antique stores and looking at the jewelry. Even though we're not having a "vintage" wedding, all of my jewelry will be vintage rhinestone. Ps, love your scarf!

  5. That sounds amazing...thanks for sharing all these cool photos - I love everything! Well, except maybe that veil I could do without :) How lucky you are to be so close to a place like that. I am not a huge shopper in general so it is pretty difficult for me to go on the hunt for bargain or vintage finds. It took a lot just for me to go and find the brooch and earrings I used in my custom jewelry and that was just at a local vintage swap meet :)

  6. Uh, I kind of love that veil.

    Thanks for the great dress advice!! I think that comment sealed the deal for me. I'm getting it.

  7. I love those handkerchiefs. I love the new blog header too.

  8. I love that stove! How beautiful it looks! We have a bunch of antique stores around here and not one is the same!

  9. Cool pics! Did ya end up buying anything? Love the blog's new look!

  10. I have always loved blue mason jars. That hint of blue is so enchanting!

  11. That place sounds amazing! I love going hunting through thrift stores, never know what you'll find.

    That bird house wedding chapel is too cute. And that stove is to die for.


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