Monday, December 21, 2009

Involved Grooms

Ryan is a huge part of the wedding planning, and it's an enormous help.

Last summer when he moved up to St. Louis, he was able to tour venues, sign contracts and make deposits. He took care of the caterer and the reception hall rental, and he's taking care of the cake. He came up with the centerpiece design and he helped build up our milk glass collection.

I know he gets a lot of "just let her have what she wants." But I think about having to make all of these decisions on my own and it's overwhelming. I'm so thankful he's involved. It's our wedding, not just mine, his input should be equal.

This isn't to say that having an involved groom is always easy, because compromising sucks sometimes. Sometimes I do wish he would just let me do what I want, but then I remember that this day is about us and not just me, and we come up with a happy medium.

Is your groom involved?


  1. My groom is so like "whatever" lol. He is really just happy with whatever I want. He does put his two cents in every now and again though which is great.

  2. My fiancé is very involved, too. I love having his input, because some of the best ideas we’re using have come from him!

  3. My fiance is very involved as well. Some things he lets me go wild on, but when I ask for his help, he is right there for me. I love that we can split the tasks and bounce ideas off one another.

  4. I think Mr. Milk and I have struck a balance that works for us. He is involved and very hands on with some aspects of the wedding, and with others that he is less interested in (like colors and flowers) he just lets me go about it. We will talk about everything at the end of the day before a final decision is made. Its so great to have their support and enthusiasm during this crazy process!

  5. My Ryan is somewhat involved. It depends what it is that we're talking about. The little details, not so much, but the colors, flowers and everything else (especially when it comes down to what he and his guys will be wearing) then yes. Mostly, he just encourages me. I cannot say how much he has helped me. When something doesn't go right, he always is there to turn my attitude around and make me positive again. He also understands that I care more about the wedding (not the marriage, but that ONE day), and so he lets me do what makes me happy. I think it's perfect.

  6. Mr B would help more, but he is always SUPER busy with work. Luckily he is taking the week before the wedding off to do last minute things and de stress from work!

    He does have input into all the decisions though. I would hate this to by MY wedding, when it is actually OUR wedding. When he expresses some little thing that he really wants, I go with it, even if I don't want it. I want us both to be happy.

    It's nice that Ryan is so helpful!

  7. He is but he isn't, if that makes sense. Since I'm a wedding planner part-time, he fully leaves most decisions up to me, but I pretty much run everything by him for his input, which I know he appreciates. He just has no desire to care about design, so I make it a point to ask him about things like the photobooth, cake, etc.

  8. Mr Fix It started off really involved as I tried to show him all my ideas and get his input and give him choices. But we are like on opposite ends of the earth. We can't agree on anything. I finally came to the conclusion that I will no longer share any of the wedding plans and details with him unless he asks. The one thing he has been very involved in is choosing the cake...which is becoming a nightmare of disappointment. I wish I could just make my own decision and be done with it but he is adamant about so many things regarding style, flavors, frosting, etc. SIGH I thought I really wanted an involved groom, but I am learning it is better to just let him show up on the day of and be overwhelmed with how well everything comes together rather than bombard him with little details that we'll just disagree about.


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