Monday, December 28, 2009

Suiting Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I didn't mean to not blog, but it just kind of happened...oops! Anyway, I'm back, and I've been dying to post about this for almost 2 months, so here goes.

We aren't doing tuxes for our groomsmen, we're doing suits, for several reasons. Ryan has been in so many weddings, and the amount of money he has spent renting tuxes is huge. Ryan is much more comfortable in a suit, and most of the groomsmen already have a black or dark gray suit. If they don't have one, they can buy one for less than the cost of renting a tux. Overall, we felt that suits were a better fit for our wedding.

And it gave us an excuse to find Ryan a slim-cut suit! My man is a runner, which means he is all lean muscle. Those big bulky suit jackets just don't look right on him, but the European slim cut is perfect for him. We found his suit at H&M a month or so ago (it took me this long to photograph him in it....what can I say, we don't live in the same place!) and I got it for Ryan for his Christmas present. H&M does not have the best customer service in that what's in the store is your option and that's it. They will not order in a different size or color for you, or even bring in something from another H&M store. But, I guess you get what you pay for, right? We lucked out and found a 3 piece black suit for Ryan in the West County mall H&M and snatched it up. Ryan tried it on for me with the white button down we got for him at Macy's and the tie he picked out.

You can't really see it in the pictures, but the suit has a very subtle black pin stripe woven throughout the fabric. The white button down also has a subtle stripe woven into it. The shirt is Geoffery Beene from Macy's and the tie is Alfani, also from Macy's. I can't find either one on the Macy's website, and I also can't find the suit anywhere on the internet.

Anyway, I think he looks unbelievably dashing in this suit. I am so glad he found something he's happy with! I think our groomsmen will look wonderful in suits as well.

What is your groom wearing?


  1. I LOVE that he got his suit at h&m! so amazing! he totally rocks it out :)

  2. Great classy pick! It looks great. We’re doing tuxes, but I think your idea is fab. It’s all about being comfortable and happy.

  3. I LOVE the idea of a suit...could it be because that's the route that we went too?!? Nah!!! He rocks his suit, and I LOVE the tie!

  4. The suit looks amazing. Part of me almost wishes we did this for our bridal party as well. Partly because the groom's family (the majority of the groomsmen and his father) are griping about the cost of renting a tux :( I am actually blogging about this this stay tuned. We are going with the tuxes though. But your suit idea is fab!

  5. Love suits instead of tuxes (but that's no surprise). The suit looks great on him!

    Our guys will be wearing a khaki colored suit with vest from J.Crew and they were all gung-ho on purchasing one!

  6. I wish Mr Pug wanted suits! But he wants tuxes. Wahhhh.


  7. I love the suit! And I love that you found it at H&M even more! We are doing suits too mostly because we both prefer them and they can be reused

  8. We're doing suits, too!! I think rented tuxes look pretty bad on most guys, actually. With a suit he can actually buy something that fits his measurements! It seems like a no-brainer to me. Oh, and Ryan looks super cute in his suit! H&M...who knew?


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