Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Dear J. Crew,

You have grievously disappointed me. You listed that a certain dress in the spring preview, number 14 in the look book, would be available in the Tropical Aqua. My sister was so excited to purchase this dress as soon as it became available, but then you changed your mind. Now the dress is no longer available in tropical aqua, and she doesn't like any of the other dresses nearly as much. That leaves my bridesmaids with 3 choices of dress, which aren't really choices at all as the dresses offered are extremely similar. And who knows if you'll change your mind about those as well?

J Crew, if you aren't going to offer a dress in a certain color, then don't tease us. I am now forced to re-evaluate my bridesmaid's dress plans.


Stacy Marie

(I'm thinking if they changed their mind about the color once, they could change it again, right?)


  1. What a bummer....sorry that isn't working out how you hoped. But I know you'll find something you're really happy with! Keep the faith.

  2. Aww, that stinks. I remember when you posted about the 2010 dresses. I saw a few that I liked as well. Stupid Jcrew.

  3. I feel like stores tend to be pretty ruthless with bridesmaids dresses. Maybe they'll change their mind again? I just had a really frustrating bridesmaids dress experience as well - see my own letter below :)

    Dear David's Bridal,

    Could you please NOT threaten to discontinue my bridesmaids dress after half the girls have ordered already? And if you do, could you at least give me a definite date to order by? Do you think I like forcing everyone to run and order their dresses right before Christmas when they have a million other things to do?


  4. how frustrating. doesn't J Crew understand the importance of wedding colors?

  5. That stinks. I definitely have been there. Let's hope they change their minds again!

  6. That is no fun at all! Love the colour - hope you can find something else just right

  7. If it were me... I'd call and bitch and moan. Since I always do :) Every once in a while someone will appease you and do something to help. Like maybe you'll get an apology... or maybe they will pay for them to be custom dyed. IDK it's a long shot but I say, if you're mad, always say something!


  8. That sucks! Email Ashley at J.Crew to see if she can offer some information!

  9. I had similar issues with bridesmaids dresses and even had my bridesmaids end up wearing different colored dresses to please everyone! It sucks when things don't go as planned, but I assure you in the end every thing will work out and it will be gorgeous regardless!

  10. damn J. Crew! I really like that color you chose too. Maybe they will change their mind again?


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