Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Dark Side

A few months ago I died my hair darker, and I loved it. I only did a semi-permanent dye because I'm a huge wuss, and I don't want to deal with roots. It's much more convenient if it simply washes out.

Here's me the day after I got my hair died. I managed to keep the fact that I was dying my hair a secret from Ryan and showed up in St. Louis with dark hair. I'm not good at keeping little secrets, and it was hard for me not to blab. It was definitely worth it.

Here it is starting to fade....

And here it is the day we had our engagement pictures taken. Those are some of my cousins. Just some...both of my parents came from families of 7, and I have lots of cousins. Ryan's in the same boat, hence the huge wedding.

Basically, I love it dark, and I love the semi-permanent factor. I just can't justify paying $25 to do it every 4-6 weeks at the salon. I have been all over the internet looking for a good semi-permanent hair color box kit you can get at a grocery store, but I can't find anything. So do any of you ladies have any suggestions? My natural color is a light brown (just like my sisters), so the color change really isn't drastic.

Thanks for your help! Also, thank you for the nice Birthday words to my sister yesterday!


  1. I have no great suggestions but I know what you mean about spending all that money at the salon to maintain hair color! Craziness! I haven't dyed my hair in over 6 years beacause I am so bad at the upkeep!

  2. Has anyone suggested henna? Same concept, different smell. You can get the dark color at a health food store.

  3. The upkeep is so ridiculous!! Salons charge way to much. when I would get my hair done, it would be by a friend who was a licensed cosmetologist, she would charge me just for the products used! I love your hair dark! It looks super cute!

  4. I dye my hair from a box all the time, and people always ask where I get it done! It's so easy to do it yourself and I usually just get mine at Wal-Mart or Target.

  5. I also have light brown hair and like to dye it a darker shade of brown with some auburn tint/highlight to it. I have used several boxed colors from L'Oreal in a drug store...they work well and last longer than you think. But now I go to a salon and trusted stylist who is much more reasonable. I get my hair cut and colored every 4 months or so and it costs me about $90.00. The roots do start to show but it is never bad enough to where I can't drag it out an extra month or so if I need to if money is tight :)

  6. I've never dyed my hair. But I'm thinking of going brown after the wedding. I'm a total wuss like you though, semi permanent all the way!


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