Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today my littlest (actually she's taller than me, I should probably say youngest!) sister Mary turns 17 today.

Mary and Ryan at Cross Country State this year

Mary's had a tough year-she got mono right before her cross country season started. Last year she was an all state runner (that means she was one of the top 25 runners in the state), and she had worked really hard all summer with her summer training, so it was really hard on her.

She stuck in there and she rebounded and came back to have a great last part of the season. She's pretty sure she wants to run in college, and she is really, really talented. I love watching her run, I think I only missed 1 or 2 meets last cross country season.

My sister Allison, Mary and me on Saturday night before Mary's Winter Ball

Mary has this thing where she'll say that Alli and I got the "pretty" genes and she got all of the "jock" genes. Which I think is totally ridiculous, she obviously lucked out and got both, don't you think?

She's growing up to be such a gorgeous girl, and I am blown away at what a cool person she is. She's assertive, she's strong, she doesn't back down...she's unlike any high school girl I've ever met! I think she's great, and I love that we're getting closer as she gets older.

It's also because of Mary that I met Ryan. He was coaching her team when I saw him that at the cross country meet. I definitely owe her big time for that!

Happy 17th Mary, I hope it's a kick *ss year for you!


  1. Aw, that's so sweet. Happy birthday to her and how lucky she is to have such a loving sister! My 14 year old daughter also started cross country this past fall and had a ton of potential as the fastest freshmen on the team...then half way through the season she got injured and had to sit out. :( She has track tryouts this next week :)

  2. You have an athletic family. And it is so cute that you met your fiance through her. I hope she has a great birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Mary!!!! Don't you love having sisters :) I do!



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