Friday, November 13, 2009

The Weird Face Phenomenon

I've talked before about the bizarre faces Ryan insists on making in 99.9% of the pictures we take. It's not just me you guys, check this out (go to mid-way through the post), this (scroll down to "from Abigail), and this.

Who knew so many guys do this?!


  1. lol! that is so funny! My fiancee's cousin makes faces in akk his pictures too, luckily he didnt do this in his wedding pictures, but i am sure it was hard for him to control himself! I left you something on my blog today :-)

  2. hhahahah. Thats funny. I guess its a guy thing then!

  3. Bah ha ha! Hopefully he won't do it too much in the wedding pics.

  4. On a side note.. where did you get your grey dress and green sweater for your e-pics??? I love that outfit..


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