Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Book

I love clever packaging!

Our MyPublisher photo book arrived a bit ago, and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

We'll be using it for the guest book at our wedding, so we left lots of white space inside to give people room to sign.

We did the classic hardcover, which starts at $29.80. We liked the linen cover with the photo cut-out better than the bookcover, so that saved us money as the bookcover costs an extra $4.95 (I also didn't want the edges of the bookcover to get all bent up). We didn't add any pages, either, so our book cost us $29.80 + tax + shipping. I think it would be easy to spend quite a bit on these books, just adding a page costs $0.99, which adds up fast!

I was super impressed with their customer service. After we put the book together and previewing it, we noticed that the pictures that were crooked on the page (they were like that intentionally, we chose a layout that had the pictures haphazardly arranged on the page) were fuzzy while all of the other pictures were crystal clear. We e-mailed their customer service that night (it was a Saturday) and got a reply an hour later telling us that the pictures wouldn't be fuzzy when we got it.

I got another e-mail when they finished putting the book together, and then another when they shipped it. I love being updated like that! The book arrived maybe 4 days later, so it was very quick.

We also had a buy one get one free coupon, so we got 2 identical books. The shipping was $12, which I thought was kind of steep, but to be fair, they were shipping 2 books instead of just one.

The books were skinnier than I thought they would be, but that's just me not being able to visualize how thick 20 pages are. We didn't upgrade the paper or anything, and I am happy with the thickness of the pages and with the clarity of the pictures. We chose black for the linen cover, and I'm glad we ordered 2 books, because you can see fingerprints on the cloth already. The next time I'll order a different color.

Overall, I was really impressed by MyPublisher! I definitely will be using them again.

Did you use MyPublisher or Blurb to make a book? What did you think?


  1. Great idea! A guestbook that includes photos is so much more fun.

  2. Very Nice!

    I have been kicking around making my guest book, but then my confidence gets to me and I'm afraid of screwing it up!

    In the end we will probably end up buying one

  3. Thanks for sharing - I am figuring out which site to use for our guestbook, which is something very similar to yours, so it's great to read about your experience.

  4. Great idea! We'll be doing the same thing, but more than likely having our photog handle it. One less thing I'll have to worry about!

    These are so much more practical than a traditional guest book. More couples should definitely do this or something like it.

  5. Very nice! I love the cover picture you picked too!

  6. Stacy! Did you take any pics of the inside? I would love to see them. I need to figure out how to make my wedding albums quickly, etc after the wedding for our two "receptions" this summer... where do you get the coupons?
    -Miss Pug


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