Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time Out

I'm going to take a bit of a break.

I really enjoy blogging 5 days a week, but I think that you all deserve something interesting to read about at the same time. I need to recharge, not write for a few days. I write for a living (real estate TV shows, not exciting but writing nonetheless) and I'm feeling really tapped out lately.

I'm also thinking about taking the blog in a bit of a new direction. I've been writing almost exclusively about weddings lately and it's kind of driving me nuts. I'm afraid that I have weddings on the brain way, way too much lately. I realized this on Friday night, when Ryan was doing a silly dance to a Youtube song and I interrupted him to show him a potential wedding first dance song. What a downer, right? I don't want to be that girl who only talks about her wedding, and who feels empty after it's over. I think that by constantly thinking of wedding related blog post ideas, it's making me see anything and try to relate it to weddings. I even do it when I'm running, which is supposed to be my mental downtime!

So from here on out, you'll be hearing lots more about running, recipes, books I've been reading, and craft projects I want to try my hand at. 75% of this blog will still be wedding related, but I think I'm suffering from trying to make it 100% wedding related. Because 100% of my life isn't wedding planning, and I don't want it to be.

I hope you'll stick around for the ride...I so enjoy and appreciate all of you, more than I could ever say.

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a lovely break! I'll be back on Monday with a book I just finished and hopefully my finished garter!


  1. Totally understandable. It is difficult for sure to not see everything as a potential idea or inspiration for our weddings. I definitely think about the wedding all the time. It's hard too when you get around family and friends who want to ask you about it. Have a great break and I'll still be around when you get back :)

  2. Sounds good to me! When I started my blog, I wasn't posting that often but lately I've been in a wedding mood (I think because I'm getting burnt out from grad school so it's a nice escape) but I can see how too much wedding on the brain isn't a good thing either. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I know what you mean friend! I think thats why I gave my blog a general name rather than a wedding related one. I would like to keep it up once the wedding is over - although I am sure I will have withdrawal - and write about married life and what not. I would love to read more about your interests so I will be here waiting for you to get back! Have a great holiday weekend!
    p.s. Make sure to enter my giveaway :)

  4. I have been thinking about this lately too. My blog is all about my wedding - it's my outlet so as not to drive the people in my real life crazy. But I'm not sure what I'll blog about once it's all over, or if I'll want to blog. But now I've made a few blog friends and I really love having their opinions on things.

    Anyway... I'll definitely still be hanging around your blog!

  5. Happy Turkey Day and enjoy your break. Looking forward to the new direction the blog is headed!!

  6. Great thinking. It's part of the reason why I don't blog just about my wedding, and more about just wedding inspiration for the modern bride in the Midwest. Makes it easier to find things to talk about, and I don't have to constantly consult the PIlot for feedback, since they aren't about our own wedding.

  7. Hey, I'm a Stacy Marie too! Can't wait to read your blog. Stopping in from SITS.


  8. I say a blog is an outlet and should be a place for you to explore whats going on with you - no matter what that means! I've found myself dropping wedding into inappropriate situations myself and think a break can be a very valuable thing, from reading, researching, and discussing. hope you guys had a good holiday!

  9. Good idea, too much wedding blogging can drive you batty. I am at that same spot now.


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