Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shiny Things

Last weekend I was up in St. Louis visiting Ryan, and I met my friend Melissa to hang out for a bit when Ryan headed off to work Sunday afternoon. Melissa and I met at a mall and shopped for a bit. I tortured myself by heading into Anthropolgie...I say torture because lots of my spending money is being directed towards the wedding right now, and it's Christmas shopping season so anything extra goes towards Christmas presents. So I didn't have much to spend, that's why it was so tough!

Anyway, I found these stunning earrings in aquamarine! For whatever reason the aquamarine ones aren't on the website and my camera is dismal at micro.

They're going to be my "something blue!"

They were $28, which I think is crazy-town-expensive for post earrings, but my sister called and yelled at me and told me to buy them because mom doesn't have anything for me for Christmas. So I bought them, mom paid me back, and now I just need to wrap them! They're a bit sparkly in terms of my typical jewelry choices, but I am wearing my hair down so I don't think they'll be too much.

I definitely wasn't even looking for these, they just fell into my lap.

Did you have any wedding decisions that made themselves simple?


  1. Ooo I want to see them in the blue color!!!!!!!! Are they all blue or just where the crystals are?
    -Miss Pug

  2. Aww I love them! My "something blue" just kinda fell into my lap during a trip to Anthropologie, too. :)


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