Thursday, November 5, 2009

Engaging Pics Round I

Ryan and I took our engagement a few weekends ago, and I so excited to show you guys!

A few things first: I believe that if you click on the picture, you can see a much higher quality version. Also, we lucked out weather-wise big time! These pictures were all taken in my home town by my second cousin and co-worker Austin using my dad's dSLR. I don't know why Blogger makes them look so fuzzy, because they aren't! Also, Austin did some light color-correcting, etc. in Photoshop.

Anyway, here we go!

We took a couple jumping ones (they were Ryan's idea) and they turned out to be some of our favorites.

You can see the Mississippi River behind us through the trees.

We are goofballs!

No really, we are!

Here's our attempt at serious:

So there's just a few of my favorites... If you aren't sick and tired of looking at my face (hey, I wouldn't blame you), check back tomorrow for Round II!


  1. gahhhh! LOVE the one of him holding you!! Seriously everyone- click them for high quality!

    I love the "serious" one... we had one like that where we were staring cheesily off into the distance... makes me laugh every time! :)

    -Miss Pug

  2. These are sooo cute! You guys are adorable. And looks like you had a ton of fun doing the shoot too! Looking forward to more!

  3. Beautiful pics! You guys look so happy!

  4. sooo cute! i love the top one, it looks like such a real and natural interaction between the two of you - can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Ooh, love them!! I love the 3rd one - I'm a sucker for fall colors (as I'm sure you saw in my engagement pictures!) and your red sweater looks awesome against the background!

  6. These came out really well - I love all the funny poses! You guys look great together. Post more soon!

  7. Cute! What park did you go to? Looks like Bee Tree, but I could be way off!

  8. The jumping one is too cute! Love them.

  9. You guys are very adorable. I love that last one! It would be perfect on a Save the Date or your programs. :)

  10. Love your photos!!! The first three are my favorites, especially #1!

  11. Oh I love the jumping one! So much fun! These are seriously cute. It is great you have such a wonderful photographer in the family! Will you be incorporating them into your wedding somehow? Guestbook, etc?


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