Thursday, November 12, 2009

D*mmit ModCloth! And Tulle4Us....

All my working life, I have lived paycheck to paycheck and blew my money on clothes. I am reforming myself quite successfully--I put money (a big chunk of least I think it's a big chunk) into our wedding account every single month, I pay quite a bit extra on my car note, and I am buying lots of Christmas presents. The money I have to spend on myself and shopping is on the non-existent side right now.

Well my dumb*ss subscribes to Fashion Under $100. And a few days ago they posted the most lovely dress, so I clicked over onto their website to see what else they had...I told you I was dumb.

Look at this stuff!

How cute would this look with jeans and moccasins for a casual Saturday out and about?


Holy goodness the dresses....

I could wear this so many places! Like work, and shopping, and going out (because I go out so.much.!)

The last thing I need is another black dress, but this one has a bow that ties in the back, it's so different.

I love dress shopping so much.

Ryan thinks I need to show off my figure more, I wonder if he would like this dress?

Tailored dresses like that tend to work well on me.

I really need more practical things and less dresses, but we all know what's more fun to shop for, right?

And then, Jenna on That Wife posted about a photo contest for Tulle4Us, so like a total idiot, I clicked over there where I found this...

It comes in green...sigh....

As soon as this wedding business is completed, I am going on a shopping spree for sure.

Has your spending money diminished with wedding planning?


  1. Haha, I could've written this post myself! Especially the part about going out 'so.much.' and black dresses. I really only make an effort to look cute if I'm seeing David (kinda sad!) and I need another black dress like I need a hole in my head, but they're so cute!

  2. That third dress (dark gray maybe?) is absolutely fantastic. Please use this comment as an excuse to go buy it for yourself because I know I could never pull it off! You can find somewhere to wear it to relate it to the wedding.. rehearsal dinner? I'm thinkin yes.. ;-)

  3. I can so relate. Everything we purchase is either for the house, the wedding, or for someone else! Would love to join you on that shopping spree when this is all over!

  4. Oh no - I think I need these dresses (though my wedding budget would disagree.) I'm with you - my spending has definitely been reformed over the last several years (I acquired so many awful clothes and wasted nights out with no $ to show for it). But, with the wedding, even more of my disposable income has disappeared that I'm left lusting after EVERYTHING. I find I need an allowance to keep me sane so I can save for one pair of cute shoes, etc.

  5. I love all of those dresses. We are also watching our spending to save up for the wedding, but fortunately my mom works in retail and can get really good discounts, so I'm lucky to have my new-stuff cravings satisfied by her :)

  6. Little black dresses....le sigh! (stop tempting me, I don't have money for fun clothes either!)

  7. Oh I love them all. We are totally planning a clothes spending spree after the wedding. It is chewing up all our extra money. I feel your lack of retail pain!

  8. That's exactly why I just delete them as soon as I get them. They'll come in handy some day, but until then, they get the delete button!


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